Trek to Karnala Fort

Trek to Karnala Fort

                            Trek at Karnala Fort

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Karnala fort

I have always preferred spending my time in natural habitat rather than spending my precious time in malls and watching movies and stuff.

Karnala fort




“I like not the humans the less but nature the more’’




Karnala fort is located in Raigad district of Maharashtra 9km from Panvel station. The fort is covered with natural beauty and is protected by Karnala bird sanctuary.



How to go:

The Karnala fort is at quite a distance from Panvel railway station (which is the nearest railway station).

From Panvel station, you need to walk for about 5-8mins to the nearest bus station. You have to ask for any bus which is travelling to Alibaug. From the bus, you need to get down at Karnala bird sanctuary.

Bus cost about – 30rps per person

Karnala fort

Bird sanctuary:

Since Karnala fort is protected by Karnala bird sanctuary, you need to pay some fees to proceed further.

The entry charges cost about 35rps per person.

 Karnala fort

Honestly speaking the bird sanctuary is not worth but the real deal is trekking. Proceeding through the entry gates you can see the cleaning and the maintenance this place is under. As you pass through the bird sanctuary you can see the direction leading up to Karnala fort.




Karnala fort


 As you move forward and let nature run its course you will see the beauty of this place and you will feel the magic and calmness Mother Nature has to offer us.

How I see the World


Karnala fort


The special thing about Karnala fort is that the place is densely covered with the forest so there is no direct exposer from the sun. The place is quite cool and immensely peaceful. You will obviously fall in love with this place. Shading shed has been built up which is quite not in best condition but still, you can still rest there for a while.




The trek is quite long and is a wonderful place to go with friends. This place is like heaven for all those people who love adventure and thrill-seeking


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The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences’

 Karnala fort

Since living in a metropolitan city like Mumbai is always so fast and there is like no calmness and like we living in the world of pretentious. Having someplace like Karnala so close to a metropolitan city like Karnala is a blessing in disguise.

I would like to suggest each and every one to at least for once visit this place.

Thank you and lets us know in the comment section any of the trekking places you know.




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