The Tragical Story of Howard Tracy Hall

The Tragical Story of Howard Tracy Hall

The Tragical Story of Howard Tracy Hall

         I hope we all enjoy the beauty of synthetic diamond as an alternative to real diamonds that we can’t afford. Obviously, the beauty and the properties of natural diamond can’t be matched for obvious reasons and whats real is always real. However, the synthetic diamonds has proved to be vital. And has helped the human race to a greater extent and helped us save tons of money. But do we know the tragical story behind this great invention and the reward the inventor Howard Tracy Hall received for his loyalty?

   Who was Howard Tracy Hall?

    Howard Tracy Hall was an American physical chemist and the man who invented the synthetic diamond. He was born in Utah in 1919. It was his dream to work for General Electric and later on. Which he did ( I am sure he regretted this decision ). He received his PhD in physical chemistry in 1948 from the University of Utah and later on. He went on to pursue his childhood dream of work at General Electrics. For those of you don’t know General electrics is an American multinational corporation. And was founded by the one of the greatest inventor’s of the decade and. The man who invented the light bulb – Thomas Alva Edison.

Howard Tracy Hall

The Tragedy of Success

            Hall joined a team focused on the synthetic diamond making, codenamed ” Project super pressure ” headed by engineer Anthopny Nerad. With great invention comes great controversy and this was no different. There were years that had continuous failures. An increasingly impatient management and a complex blend of sharing and the rivalries among the researchers. However, Hall was able to succeed in spite of all this because of his determination, persistence. And whatever it takes to succeed. But the story is not yet over with the invention of synthetic diamond. You might be thinking at last everything ended on a good note. But do you know how the big multinational company rewarded his employee.? Hall was rewarded with 10$ savings bond in addition to his regular salary

Howard Tracy Hall.

     This great invention obviously brought tons of money to general electric but Hall wasn’t rewarded well with their very generous offer. I know you might to enraging about this but this is no surprise. Researchers are ditched and are only paid for their labour. In exchange for a paycheck, lab and budget that will allow them to explore a small portion of the universe. ( whether it is diamonds or a new lubricant or a better semiconductor ). Companies expect to profit from the work. In the case of Dr Hall the expectation obviously paid off big time but you need to understand that he was directed to work on the project by the company. The management was getting very desperate.

Todays Tragedy

        Every day there are thousands of companies making fortunes but at the expense of their employee. Slavery has changed from the chain to co-operate level and they make to realise that redemption is real. You are free but deep down this is what really works on the large co-operate level and people like Dr Hall are being exploited for the same.

     It sounds like Hall’s misfortune wasn’t limited with GE. He was largely mistrusted at GE research and essentially ignored company requests to use the pressure chamber that everyone else was using to build.  His initial reports of the successful synthesis were largely ignored by the rest of GE. Until his colleagues were able to replicate his experiments. Anyway, he was rewarded by getting his name on the patents. Which is quite a gift considering how disliked he was by his peers.

   See this is whats happening in the world and this what happens. When you work with the company whose founder itself is being accused of stealing an idea from Nicolas Tesla. I am not saying GE does the same but did they do the right thing by betraying their known employee .?

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