Top 10 Banned War weapons

Top 10 Banned War weapons

Top 10 Banned War weapons

A war means total destruction, chaos, and death everywhere not even animals can escape the war. War has led to the invention of new ways to kill humans and has also led to the creation of weapons of mass destruction. Do you think that the nuke was deadly? These may not be as powerful as the nuke but these weapons have proved their power as weapons of chaos during war times. Without further delay here are the top 10 banned war weapons:

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.
                                                                                                    -Sun Tzu
  1. Laser Weapons  weapons

You might have seen those toy lasers available on the market that you might have used to play with your pet or simply pointing it in one another’s eyes to scare your friends. Well, these are just toy lasers they cannot give you permanent blindness but the ones that are used in the warfare are much more powerful and can give your enemies permanent vision loss. To stop this a worldwide prohibition of such weapons was introduced in the 19th century so as to stop this. Funny huh! you can kill your enemy but you cannot point some laser beam into his eyes.


  1. Spike Pits

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Yes, spike pits were a crucial part of the world war in Vietnam and the Pacific. This weapon would kill its victim with just one fall. Most of the soldiers would die in their first fall. While others who would survive would die from the infection that followed afterward. Spike pits were mostly made from sharp bamboos or metals and were covered with feces. They were considered a part of bioweapons and were banned during the late 1970s




  1. Plastic Landmines


Plastic Landmines were used in world war 2 as these were made from plastic so no metal detector could find them if you were to plant this to protect you from enemy attacks. Later it was seen that the shrapnel from such type of explosives would interfere with surgeons work. And not even a surgeon was able to remove these shrapnels from the victim’s body. They were later banned worldwide as a part of the protocol 1 of the 1979 convention of conventional weapons. The landmine can use plastic and other materials in it but the whole thing cannot be plastic.


  1. Radioactive bombs

weaponsExplosives strap with radioactive waste were a part of the world war. When used the enemy cannot use the particular piece of land and not even the one who set up the explosive. When this weapon explodes it creates a huge fallout preventing anyone from accessing the land due to radioactive infections and the other the high amount of radiation that followed. Since it would also affect the civilians who were in the line of fire of this weapon this weapon is now outlawed.





  1. Poison Bulletsweapons

Soldiers would soak their bullets in poison and put them in latrines and dead bodies. When these bullets were fired upon an enemy it would cause a severe infection on the wound inflicted. These types of bullets were prohibited for use during wars thanks to the Hague convention of 1899.




  1. Flamethrowers

weaponsDuring the world war, guerillas would often use civilians as shield to protect them from enemy attack and a lot of civilian lives were lost and houses were destroyed when flamethrowers were used to prevent this flamethrower were prohibited from use near or in a civilian area as a part of protocol 3 of the convention of conventional weapons.






  1. Unexploded Bombsweapons

In the late 1990s, Jihadis from Afghanistan used old explosives. Which were left behind by the Soviets during a previous conflict in the country. No time was taken to outlaw this weapon in any type of use by soldiers or anyone alike. As a part of the protocol 5 of the convention of conventional weapons. No explosive war remnants were to be used as a part of this protocol.





  1. Bioweapons

weaponsSmallpox blankets, dead body remains thrown in enemy land, rats with plagues are all a part of bioweapons that were used in ancient as well as modern wars to take out enemy forces using nature as a weapon itself, lot of civilian lives were lost too due to this to prevent civilian casualties these types of weapons are prohibited from use in warfare.



  1. Phasersweapons

Phasers or energy weapons or in today’s time called as directed energy weapons are all real. Plasma rifles, sonic cannons. If you watched the movie the incredible hulk you have already seen the sonic weapon in action. Weapons of this type which can produce enough damage to kill a human being are prohibited in warfare.




  1. Mustard gas

weaponsMustard gas was used in world war 1 to clear bunkers and trenches. What mustard gas does is it makes the victim drown in his own lung fluid when inhaled. So that’s technically drowning without water. Hence this weapon is banned in warfare due to its hideous way of killing its death count was less as compared to the phosgene gas which accounted for most of the chemical deaths during wartime.



So did you like my list what weapons do you know are banned in warfare let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading. Peace Out.

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