Things every Engineer can relate to..

Things every Engineer can relate to..

Things every Engineer can relate to…

With all those endless jokes and memes you see on social media about engineers, here are some of the things that every engineer can relate to.




  • Muje tho Engineering nahi karna tha.!! ( I never wanted to pursue engineering)


About 70% of the engineer rants this shit. While pursuing engineering I have made friends with future Chelsea star, Mumbai Indian’s batsman, Bollywood actors and endless entrepreneurs. I am just kidding but these peeps are all good at something but the only reason why they are pursuing engineering is that their parents or society had told them to. It’s like while creating this engineers god had forgotten to insert free will in them.


If you are good at something, do it after engineering



  • ATKT


When the new semester starts the only rumor that is able to scare the shit in the life of an engineer is “result aagaya “.  Then there is endless depression following traumas and swearing to get good marks in next semester. ATKT’s has become an integral part of an engineer.


“Next semester se pakka padunga ”

This is a common illusion that we engineers do suffer after our exam result is been announced.


  • Industrial visit

Well, the best part of my engineering life is industrial visit. The memories that are been created in those visits and priceless. No submissions date, no attendance issue nothing. It’s like the industrial visit was the god’s way of helping the students to stop their suffering.


  • Dating life

The one rule that you must keep in mind when you meet an engineer is not to ask them about their dating life. It’s really hard to find girls in mechanical and civil branch and even If you do find then the probability of she already being committed is really high. In 4 years journey or even more, there may be endless crushes and endless true love and love at first sight.




  • Attendance


The chances of scoring 32 marks in the semester are really high then maintaining 75% attendance. The mark of true friendship can only be realized when the friend marks our proxies. The bonding that is gain when two friends mark each other proxies is the mark of a lifetime friendship, isn’t it??




  • Assignments


In the journey of four years, the one thing that has definitely improved is my handwriting. Writing those endless assignments and most importantly submitting them on time is one the triumph. Let’s be honest no one writes their own assignments, we all copy them from each other and then present them as if it is our own.


Good artist copy, great artist steal”


  • Project partner

Choosing your project partner is more difficult than choosing your life partner. Working on projects will make you realize why Batman prefers to work alone.

Admit it there is always that one person in every group project who won’t turn for the work but the only contribution of his would be financial help. We all hate this guy.




  • TV series/ Movies


“Bhai tune GAME of THRONES aur FRIENDS

dekha hi kya??” ( Do you watch Game of thrones and Friends)


We all have heard this phrase and it seems like you can’t have a normal conversation in engineering college if you don’t watch GAME OF THRONES and STRANGERS THINGS. This person will force you more to watch T.V series and a movie then your parents for marriage. Even the person who has never heard of Leonardo di Caprio will start talking about Jon snow and Chandler Bing!

Hollywood should start paying this peeps because of the level of free advertising that goes.



In the end no matter how much you hate your engineering life but this phase has given lifetime memories. It might only seem like yesterday when you were taking admissions and now you might collecting your leaving certificate. To all those people who are still pursuing engineering my only advise is live your days to the fullest because this day won’t last forever.


“Everything that was routine will become memories, my friend”



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