Syria Bombing: A New Chapter in Crysis

Syria Bombing: A New Chapter in Crysis

Syria Bombing: A New Chapter in Crysis

War comes with a price countless people lose their homes, their families even the innocent children are not spared. War is toxic, it kills a nation, it kills a country of good men. Even in this modern age man find himself fighting each other, countless battles won and lost. The killing never ends. With time evil took roots in Syria and the world decided to kill that evil using their own ways. Yes, I’m talking about The Syria bombing.


On February 19, 2018, Syrian forces backed up by Russian army using warplanes bombed the region of Eastern Ghouta several innocent lives lost in a matter of days. It was Sunday a day for rest, a day families spend their time together after a week’s hard work yet for these people this day was their last time together. How can someone be so cruel? Amnesty International one of the human rights organization called it a war crime. Guess they are right this a crime, not just a war crime but a crime against humanity. The superpowers of our world did it to curb Syria of terrorist organizations a threat to everyone but what was the fault here for those who died for no reason for someone who was just resting in peace inside his home was made to rest forever never to see the days bright light again?


“WHY THEM?” that is the question

“There is no decision that we can make that doesn’t come with some sort of balance or sacrifice”.

             – Simon Sinek


Guess he is right this choice came with sacrifice, in this case, those civilians were the sacrifice that the superpowers decided to make in order to achieve peace. A 30-day ceasefire came into effect on Feb 24th so that civilians could escape the war zone. The escape process started on Feb 27th which included a five-hour pause daily.


Why Eastern Ghouta?

Eastern Ghouta being close to the capital is very important for the Syrian government and that’s why the government wants it to be free from rebels. On this coming 15th of March, the civil war in Syria will enter its eighth year. More than 465,000 Syrians killed and around 12 million displaced from their homes.


Let us all pray for our Syrian brothers and sisters. Let’s hope that this new chapter in this painful story be the last for the Syrian people and a new chapter of peace be awaiting them.

Peace out.

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