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One Direction

One direction

One Direction the English-Irish pop boy band which is usually compared to the legendary boy band BEATLES and they became the first band in US Billboard 200 history to have their first four albums debut at number 1. The band consist of Louis Tomlinson, HoranHoran, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and previously Zayn Malik.

Till date, One Direction has released  5 albums

1.Up all night (2011), 2.Take me home (2012), 3.Midnight memories(2013), 4.Four (2014) and Made in the Am (2015).

Here are Top 10 songs of One direction that will make fall in love with this band.

(Note this list is based on our personal favourite irrespective of their commercial success.)

One Direction

1)What makes you beautiful

                         Wheather you love One direction or not but at least once in your life you might have come across this song. This is the first song released by 1D and it became an instant youtube sensation. It is one of the most viewed songs on Youtube and 1D has never looked back ever since.

2)Story of my Life

   This is my personal favourite and the song will surely bring tears to your eyes and if you are their fan then you might get to relive their childhood from the video. Beautifully made and the song is superbly touchy ..ouch.

  3)Night changes

     In this song our boys are going on a date but…as we know life is not that kind and their date is ruin some how. Gotta feel bad for them.This song has superb lyrics and they explain their dates even after a long time nothing while change between them.

4) Steal my girl

   “Everybody wants to steal my girl” hell yeah ..even I am insecure that everyone wants my girl and this song beautifully explains their struggle for the same.


One Direction

 This is a beautiful song and you will surely miss Zayn Malik in this song.Even in the video, 1D did not fail to give tribute to their ex-bandmate.

6)Drag me down

One Direction

This is the first song released by the boy band after the exit of Zayn. The absence of vocals of Zayn felt throughout the song but however, the lyrics and music are awesome.

7)Where do broken hearts go?

If you recently have your heart broken this is the perfect song for you.In this song the guy questions where does the broken heart goes..???

8)Best song ever

       As the name suggests this song as catchy lines and is obviously fun to sing and listen.While listening to this song you help but shake your body to the beat.

9)Nobody Compares

     This song will surely lit your mood as make you miss your crush might be wondering how is this even possible but for that you have to listen to this song.

10) Little things

One Direction

  This song is not the typical 1D type but is obviously one of their best songs.The lyrics and tunes is what makes this song even special

One Direction

     here are some of the songs which you should listen – Kiss you, Live while ever young, One thing.


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