Maharashtra Day- Every Maharashtrian’s Pride

Maharashtra Day- Every Maharashtrian’s Pride

Maharashtra Day- Every Maharashtrian’s Pride

The state which gave the world brave men like ‘ShivajiMaharaj‘ and cricket world with ‘God of Cricket-Sachin Tendulkar‘, and the first state in India to initiate ‘Women’s Education’. Such a state which has ‘Maha‘ in its name, it is non-other than ‘Maharashtra Day’.

Every year on 1st May we celebrate Maharashtra Day.

But have you ever wonder what is the reason behind this day?

We have asked many youngsters, that do they know what is the reason behind this auspicious day??

We got many funny answers:

  • Because it is Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja’s Birthday.
  • It is the beginning of summer.
  • Because it is International labour’s Day
  • It is just a Dry day.

But here is the real reason:

First of all, we all know that states in India are divided according to the language spoken. On this day, 54 years ago, the modern-day state of Maharashtra was created. The western states of Gujarat and Maharashtra spread across an area of almost 194 square miles along the western coastline of India. The regional movement known as the Samyukta Maharashtra Andolan started agitations, furthermore demanding a separate Marathi-speaking state. The protests ended in 1960 when the Bombay Reorganization Act was passed by India’s Parliament, finally to divide the state of Bombay into Gujarat and Maharashtra. With Ahmedabad and Bombay serving as their respective capitals. The legislation came into effect on May 1, 1960.

Here are some of the specialties of Maharashtra:

Forts and Historic monuments

The special treats

Scenic Beauty

Festivals and a United Culture

Here are the must known facts about Maharashtra

  1. Maharashtra was earlier known as Bombay Presidency and then as Bombay state.
  2. Maharashtra is the richest state in India. GDP of Maharashtra was 16.8 lack crore. Maharashtra shares 13.4% of India’s total GDP.
  3. Maharashtra is the center of Bollywood. Most of the film stars live in Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai.
  4. The Lonar Lake was created by a meteor hitting the Earth. It is a saltwater lake and is considered one of its kinds in India.
  5. Shani Shingnapur is a village located in Maharashtra. It is strange but true that, all houses in the village have no doors. People believes that whoever tries to steal anything will face the wrath of Shani god.
  6. The first train was started in Maharashtra between Mumbai and Thane on April 16, 1853. It was not only India’s first train but also Asia’s first train.
  7. Navi Mumbai is the largest planned city in the world. Therefore the city was built to overcome from the problem of Mumbai.

Things we need to understand:

So these are some of the amazing traits our lovely state have. Despite all these things our great state is suffering consequently. Farmers doing suicides, because of the burden of loans. They are not getting much of the profit from their investments. The main reason behind this corruption, which takes place in every stage. The corruption, in addition, leads to fewer opportunities, which in turn have deep effects on youth. Another reason is cast system, which has shattered many dreams, due to which our development is poor. Lack of Education, Poverty, Population there are many things to talk about.

But we all know that by talking, nothing is going to change. We have to stand Together, we have to take a step forward, We have to make a change from ourselves. Almost everyone has problems, so what, we have to hit back, We have to hit back hard then we dare. This is how we are going to make changes. To make our great state a better place.

So guys, tell us how you will celebrate this glorious day and let us know what are your thoughts.

We will be back with the more new post. Till then Peace out!!


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