Life lesson we can learn from vikings TV show

Life lesson we can learn from vikings TV show

Life lesson we can learn from Vikings TV show

The famous T.V. show VIKINGS might be able to impress most of their fans with some of the best thrillers and amaze you with some of the most brutal fights. Although this show might not have high-end budgets like GAME OF THRONES still it has been proved to a perfect show for all those people who like the medieval era and brutal fights. The community that worshiped gods like THOR and ODIN and was best known for their boat building, raiding and for their bravery. One name that might come to your mind is none another than RAGNAR LOTHBROK the greatest hero of Vikings era.


Every great show has something to offer to the audience besides entertainment. Obviously, cinema has grown beyond a purpose of entertainment and now it has also become medium of preaching, providing information etc.Here, are some of the life lessons we can all learn from Vikings TV show.

We all enjoy the brutal fights, people fighting wars and killing one another in name of gods, betrayal and obviously the adventure but there are some of the different human traits that this show has managed to present in the most beautiful way:




 All the greatest wonder that the humans might have been able to do is all possible because of human curiosity. Man is a curious animal and he seems to question every aspect of life. There seems that RAGNAR LOTHBROK no different. All the raids, exploration and his eagerness to sail west were all possible because he was curious and rest is history.



Being curious is not enough but the necessary element is desire.


A man becomes what he desires”

 “The starting point of all achievement is Desire “

Having the desire to explore west even when all odds were against Ragnar is what makes him different from rest of the people.



Admit it we all want someone to adore us like Ragnar adores Athelstan. Their friendship in spite being from a different religion is a true beckon of light of many of us today who still fight with each other over religion, caste and race.




Throughout the series, the show has present different of people like Floki’s devotion towards gods, Ragnar’s devotion towards his ambition, Rollo’s devotion to fame and many others devotion to power.





Throughout the series, there were many heartaches like when Lagertha and Bjorn left Ragnar, the death of Athelstan and obviously the death of our beloved king Ragnar. Heartache is the part of human life. All heart needs to be broken so that something beautiful is formed.



In all our lives there comes one person who changes everything. The show has been able to show the change and transformation of Ragnar and Athelstan that they went through not only in terms of the way they look but also in the way they think and believe. Athelstan is the best example of change the way he changes his ideology throughout the show and his pessimistic view regarding god and religion that changes when he meets Ragnar and King Ecbert.



The most beautiful traits of human being that this show has been able to present is the grief.

“the worst thing you will ever do to grieve the loss of a person when they are still alive”.

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