life is not how you look at it but how you live it!

life is not how you look at it but how you live it!

life is for living the moment because everything else is uncertain.


I don’t think that I am somewhat different than others out there. I mean I hang out with friends, enjoy with them and I do normal stuff like other people. But most importantly finding myself!

life on the top

Like when I am alone, wandering somewhere on a mountain. Trying to reach the top with all my efforts. Then the feeling I get when I am at the top watching the world so small below. Staring at the sky and imagining how much safe I will be in those clouds? As I question about my whole existence, that why I am here? What am I doing? Then I wonder, what is that thing which keeps us so high up? Is it love? Or it is the thing that we all know! That somewhere in this world we are not going to last forever, so living our life to the fullest…

finding quite in dark

I am not a loner, but I wanted to be alone. Sitting in a room when no one is around, loving the quiet in the dark with my eyes closed. Feeling my heart beating fast when every beat feels like an echo of my voice. That I am shouting, standing firm somewhere on the top. Feeling like this world is mine, I am the king!

falling into endless darkness

Then I suddenly fall into endless darkness. Thinking should I scream out loud or keep quiet and cling to my mouth. As my hands shake and the feeling that time is catching up with me. I can see my own grave, but I am so afraid of dying because I don’t want to die and be alone…

fear of loosing someone in life

Maybe it is fear that consumed me, fear that has a hold on me. I fear that I will lose the people I love. That I am not strong enough to say how I feel about them when they were there with me all the time. Nobody knows how cold and broke we are, it is no one’s fault but our own.

life is all about love or death

We have chosen this path and only we have to walk it alone. Whether you are happy or lonely, you will always feel like this life is not enough. People search happiness, but the truth is that it is just an illusion, and when this illusion breaks they experience loneliness. Still, in life like this, someone is living this life to the fullest because they know that everything is got to be love or death…

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