Hopeless Stare

Hopeless Stare

Hopeless Stare

It was his 23rd birthday a day of joy in everyone’s life but for her, it was a day so special, after all, it was her mans birthday. Her mother went abroad for the business handling her the responsibility of the home. A great opportunity for a birthday party isn’t it?

They celebrated, danced, saved another eternal memory of their six-month-old togetherness. The party was over their friends were all gone. The room was empty but it was his presence that has occupied every corner of her heart. That night belonged to them her love for him whispered gently.

You be my charm

I’ll be your armour

And every time my heart murmurs…

Baby, you’ll be mine forever!

Youll be mine forever!


One day we’ll be together

Together so perfect

That the world will forget

There lived once Romeo and Juliet!


Come what may we know

We have us through

Nobody in the world will be like you

And I’m waiting for the day

When we’ll both say ‘I Do’!


No there ain’t no end to this

Because this is going to be an external bliss

It won’t be us but

It will be our souls that kiss.


He held her hand stroke her back caressed her face then gently kissed her. The look on her face was magical a cheerful glow spread all over her face. It was obvious that she wanted more. He lifted her carefully and took her on the roof while their eyes never broke the contact. They both laid down on the roof. Gazing at the stars having hand in hand forgetting about the world creating memories of their love… all into each other. He then swiftly turned towards her stared her at her beautiful face. She looked at him. With a cheerful grin, he gently placed his hand over her chest feeling her heart beating only for him. Then they came close till their bodies fused and souls connected as one till death do them apart…

It was a delightful morning followed by a melodic birdsong. She felt so vibrant after the fascinating night it was an illusionary dream that she wished should never end. She turned around sensationally to see his delightful face but he wasn’t there. His disappearance puzzled her. She kept wandering in the house for him but she found him nowhere. She was confused and distraughted. She seized her phone and tried calling him several times, he didn’t answer.

She called his friends they didn’t have any clue about him…. Days passed she didn’t walk out of the house. She kept staring at his photograph. Her compulsive desire for him was so painful that she couldn’t cope with it. With a last disdainful look. She turned towards the mirror. She felt terrified after what she saw. There was a significant reduction in her weight, she didn’t know what was happening. She felt dizzy and she fell…. After some time she got back her consciousness. She realised something wasn’t right.

She quickly took doctors appointment went there followed by check ups and blood test. She was going to get her reports in two days. She was still weak and overwhelmed with anxiety. Two days later she went to the clinic for her reports. When the doctor told her what exactly happened… she was frozen stiff tears rolled down. Everything seemed dead. She was pregnant and was suffering from AIDS. Her flawless dreams were shattered into pieces.

She went back home threw her purse on the couch sat in front of the mirror looking at her reflection. It was hard for her to look in her own eyes. She could see herself in a place that didn’t exist a hole in her heart. She lost everything she lost the courage to face herself and strength to bear the harsh truth of life. She glanced over a picture on the wall there were two smiles in the picture she missed her mother eminently. There were echoes of her mother’s voice that filled every corner of her heart with sorrow. She kept staring at the picture and her emotions broke out.

Was I a piece of dirt?

You quenched your lust

And left me hurt

“Nobody in the world will be like you


I was waiting for the day”

Which now will never come true


You came like a hope

I thought you will light up my world

My life is hanging on deaths rope

 It’s my love that you hurled.


You pushed me into the abyss of pain

Nothing will be same again

And there is nothing that can be done

 Is there anything left for me…

Hopeless Stare

 The bell rang no one opened the door her mother unlocked it with the key. She entered the hall lights were on her beautiful daughter was sitting on the couch. She started telling her how much she missed her girl and how well her business trip was. But her girl was still quite on the couch not a single word. Her mother approached her to see why she was so still. She saw her face her eyes were endlessly looking at their picture. She sat beside her but something in her daughter’s hand got mothers attention. Mother saw her again the person sitting on the couch was hollow that numb expression on her face pale as the full moon. There was nothing left than the Hopeless Stare!!! 


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