Biography of Hasin Jahan

Biography of Hasin Jahan

Biography of Hasin Jahan

Women is power, she is the bright light of a shining star for the man she loves. Today we are talking about a special women who has been flashing the news for quite some time. Mother of a daughter, wife of a famous Indian pacer yes we are talking about Hasin Jahan.

Hasin Jahan is a former actress from the Kolkata region. Her date of birth is not known due to her low profile but some media outlets have commented her birth date as 24th of April 1987 by that date she should be 29 right now. Her father is a very well known businessman and is a successful one too in the transportation business. Mother is a homemaker. Hasin Jahan comes from a Muslim family and has been practicing Islam since then she is known to be very religious too. Everyone has dreams that they want to come true Hasin had a few too she always dreamt of becoming a model and be a part of the film industry. One of her dreams of becoming a model started when she was very young and has served as a model for several years

Hasin Jahan
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Hasin Jahan and Mohammed Shami

Hasin Jahan and Mohammed Shami met each other in the IPL 2012 event and it was love at first sight. They dated for about 2 years and had developed feelings for each other since day one. They managed to keep their dating spree a secret from the media. She also attended Mohammed Shami’s few matches but no one could speculate her name at that time because everyone was going crazy searching Mohammed Shami girlfriend at that time. Finally, their dating season ended and they decided to tie the knot in 2014. Their wedding was a private affair so family and close friends were the only audiences to attend the event. A separate reception was also kept for Shami’s teammates. The wedding took place in Moradabad Uttarpradesh.

The Married life

Hasin Jahan
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A wonderful new chapter of love started in Hasin Jahan’s life after her married life. Shami also stayed away from the field for quite some time after marrying his beautiful bride. The return was a powerful one too guess Hasin Jahan and her love was the driving force in those matches. She also has a cute daughter by the name Aairah Shami who was born in 2015. Modeling career was no go due to family restrictions on her. Now coming to recent events Hasin Jahan has accused her husband Shami and his family of torturing her and attempting to kill her many times. Hasin also posted a series of screenshots of his WhatsApp and Messenger chats with various women. Adultery charges were also put on Shami.

A day after that Hasin Jahan also accused her husband of match-fixing charges She also told that he took money from a Pakistani woman under the influence of a businessman. Hasin’s life has been quite the rollercoaster seeing ups and downs all the way lets all hope that all these problems come to an end and Hasin Jahan’s life returns back to normal.

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