Generation Gap

Generation Gap

Generation Gap

       Generation Gap

This topic has managed to pull a wide range of debate and has continued to manage to indulge generations of people to think whose generation is better.
I mean every generation thinks that their generation was better than the coming. Every kid has survived the rant from their parents that their generation had many problems and still they survived.
“That’s what the present is. It’s a little unsatisfying because life is little unsatisfying “
From taste in music to cinema, sports to fashion, hair styling to the food industry, even this gap can be seen in favoritism in drugs. I mean everyone says that there is something wrong with the present generation there are so many happy faces with sad eyes.

Generation Gap

“We live in the generation of broken hearts and broken people”
I know everyone says a lot is wrong with our generation but at least our generation wasn’t the one to indulge in racism nor did our generation has ever fought a war on the name of God neither did exempt women from their rights.


From rock music to country, jazz to pop to rap this topic has never failed to start a family debate on the topic that whose generation has better taste in music.
We all might at least once come at a point where our parents might have said: “This generation has shitty taste in music”. I know even you might be able to say the same your children.


From Clooney to Di Caprio, black and white movies to 3 dimensional, cinema has always changed its face with every generation.

Social equality:

From women empowerment to blacks, social equality has seemed to become better with every generation.
This is one thing that has improved with every generation.


Social obsession:

The present generation is obviously obsessed with technology and the way everyone seems to go crazy about the use of technology is somewhat concerning. Social media platforms seem to be a major role played in the obsession with technology.


I know this topic will continue to pull several other debates in coming years.

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