She awoke in the morning to the pleasing sound of house sparrow right outside her bedroom’s window. A heart-melting smile of her for the love of her life. The blue eyes like sapphire staring at her, standing firm on Linda’s body and licking her face. Like a lion crushing his prey below his mighty paws. The white furs over Linda’s face felt like satin silk and body was like a soft pillow. Linda was gleeful as she tucked her cat ‘maze’ into her arms.

It was 4th of March,  an ordinary day isn’t it! After a fresh start to the day, Linda remembered something. She had sent invitation letters to her five friends, her lifeline! Linda’s this birthday was going to be the best day ever in her life. She spent that afternoon in the kitchen preparing meal for her special guests. She was happy and dancing in the kitchen over her favorite song while singing its lyrics
                                                                                        ” we all are living in a dream,
                                                                                           but life ain’t what it seems,
                                                                                           oh, everything’s a mess…..”

The clock was ticking, it was 7 in the evening. Linda decorated her house perfectly and every corner of the house had flawless fragrance. Everything was set, the table was well arranged with dishes for six people and wine glasses. There were many delicious things on the menu. Chicken, canpés, fruit crumble and much more. She sat on the chair thinking about her time, her life with her friends. The wait was killing her,  time was passing and Linda was annoyed.

The celebration

Linda finally closed her eyes in a mixed mood of frustration and sleepiness. Her heart sank right through her skin as she heard her name ‘Linda!’. As she looked up her eyes saw something that she could not believe.  There was a change in the menu. Instead of chicken, there was a human brain, on a plate, a living heart was beating. The red liquid in the glass was no more wine, it was blood.

Five cold eyes were staring her as blood was dripping down their faces. Linda was in shock of horror and she was numb, fear swallowed her full. She baffled as she left the chair and almost fell on the floor. As she ran, the five corpses followed her trying to greet her on her birthday. The floor was nibbling her toes much, she entered into the kitchen and grabbed a knife.

Linda swung the knife with all her strength on a corpse, she made a cut but nothing happened. She lost her breath as the corpses smirked. She warned them that they should not come near her. The moving bodies suddenly stopped as Linda pulled the knife over her throat. Tears began to fall from her eyes.

Breathing became hard as her eyes settled on the corpses and she was gone into her memories of past year. Linda trembled as she saw five people screaming her name for their lives, burning in flames as Linda did nothing for them. Her hand moved away, the knife was stained with blood. The cut was deep, Linda’s throat was wide open. The light in her eyes dimmed. She was dead and so was her hallucinations…

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