childhood ambitions or grown up standard

childhood ambitions or grown up standard

As a child which was the sweetest memory you had?

I bet it is impossible to not to smile while thinking about those memories. No one was as cool as you wearing goggles and posing like a rockstar. Watching your favorite shows and discussing it like scientists discuss rocket science. The best thing was the joy you got while teasing your best friends,  whenever he loses.

I know this is not enough. Nothing beats the way we used to dance in our childhood. Whether it was a wedding or a program in society. The happiness of dancing during first rain or in school when the whole class turned the benches into a punk band. The class was an entertainment for everyone when the teacher decides to punish you. You were the one who always had been donkey or chicken many times.

The most savage ambition we all had in our childhood was to be the gangster with a girlfriend. Having a super sports bike ( Dhoom bike). Watching Shinchan, Doraemon and thinking about,  “if I had Doraemon, I will be the coolest one.” The power we all felt watching Goku screaming and Superman fighting. Let’s not forget Krish. Playing endless video games with friends and pretending to be the boss if you had a video game.  The reason our childhood was awesome is that we never cared about future and what others think.


Take a moment and think, how you have changed so much?

As we grow up we realize the tag that came with life always get measured in money. Our ego depends upon why she or he is not messaging me first. Everyone wants a better half for holding their hands together. But no one wants to hold their parent’s hands forever. We crushed our lives under our own feet. The humanity today only forwards the pictures and videos to prey and for blessings. No one cares to help anyone. We judge others over their status of living on social media. The greatest irony is trying to be like others,  live like they do, to look rich. Then we get depressed over comparing others lives with ours.

It’s not too late for anything,  life can still be change completely. It is just a matter of how you set your life. As childhood ambitions or grown-up standards.

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