An Act of Kindness

An Act of Kindness

An Act of Kindness

Kindness a word that exists just in the books. When it should be an exercise that should be done by every single one of us because that is what makes us human its called the act of kindness. The world might be moving at a faster rate with all the materialistic needs and developments but it still lacks behind in the development of a feeling to show kindness towards others. The dictionaries define kindness as the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate but I define it as an act of spreading love and joy.

act of kindness

My first act of kindness

Now when I was a small boy my mother would always tell me to be kind to others. Now at that time, I did not really know what that meant but I was actually doing the same thing my mother asked one way or the another. Helping an old man cross the street when I was way too late for my board exams I decided to help him at that very moment I helped him that was my first act of kindness don’t know if it counts or not as one but still I wanted to share it with you guys.

Realizing that you have been doing it all this time

I’ll tell you a few more. During my school days, I would always share my tiffin with others now if one of those guys read this they’ll know I’m talking about them I would always have a wonderful time during my recess everyone used to come together have a bite from my tiffin menu and we would talk about a lot of stuff. Being a child you don’t think about stuff that much deeper but when you grow up you realize you either did a great deal of good or bad things to others and I was really happy that I brought happiness to someone even if it was for a slight moment.

The Final message

Now a lot many times I helped a lot of stray dogs, baby birds which fell down from their nests. These are some of my acts of kindness that I have done. Now you might think that why I’m telling you guys about this stuff well it’s as clear as a day I want you guys to do an act of kindness I want you too to feel the joy and that soothing feel that I got when I did all those good things. The world is suffering because of all the negativity around it these acts might not change it but it’s a start that much I can promise you.

That’s it for today guys. Let me know in the comments what type of acts of kindness have you done or you are planning to do.

Thanks for reading this post. Peace out.

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