Why forgiving is not that easy as it seems

Why forgiving is not that easy as it seems

          Why forgiving is not that easy as it seems


No matter what religion you follow and no matter what moral or values they are based on but one thing every religion teaches us is ‘FORGIVING’. It’s always easy to say that forgiving a person is mandatory and it proves that you are a bigger person but it’s not always as easy as it may seem. Stepping into the shoes of the victim and asking them to forgive is not that easy as it may seem.


Even Christianity preaches us that forgiving helps cleanse our soul but even God couldn’t forgive his favourite angel Satan for his mutiny.

Sometimes people hurt you and act like you hurt them”

 Betrayal- the ladder of chaos



If one thing I have learned is that people will hurt you in every way possible way. They are going to betray you, mutilate you, despise you and sometimes even leave you and not even realising the pain they left you with.


“Mature enough to forgive but not stupid enough to trust you again.”

White and Black


No one knows for sure what is happening in another person’s life. When people mess with one part of your life they don’t realise that they are messing with your whole life.

Right from childhood, we have been taught that saying sorry makes may fix everything, I am not saying that it is wrong but the point is will sorry heal everything? All the pain one as to go through, those lonely nights where one feels what he has done to deserve this. Always remember Sorry does not make a dead man alive.

People profoundly say Karma believer, Karma works not realising that it actually works and when it happens it might be too late.

Karma has no menu, you get served for what you deserve”.forgiving

 An Act of Kindness


I am not saying that saying Sorry is useless, it helps one to realise his/her mistake but what is the point when the victim has already suffered. Asking for forgiveness is good but expecting the one to forgive you for the crime you have committed is bad because you have no idea what one has to go through.


Maybe Newton was right all along every- “Every Action has Equal and Opposite Reaction”.


But I personally believe Forgiving is important because that’s what makes us human, no matter how much they might hurt you always forgive but the important part is don’t forget. Every situation teaches us morals and always remember the morals and once that asshole might hurt you they might do it again. Holding on to them might only destroy you, so the best way is to forgive them and most importantly forgive yourself. I know I might sound a little absurd but yes forgive yourself because that is the best thing you might do to yourself. Forgiving not only makes you a good human but it might also help you to move on.


If one is not willing to forgive someone it’s not because they can’t or they don’t want to but the thing is they don’t want to go through all those stuff again. For once step into their shoes and see how the other side looks and what thing they might have to go through. Some people can easily forgive someone and some people can’t but that does not make them less of human it’s just that they can’t trust them again.

All those broken people out there


I would like to conclude by saying that forgiveness is a very fragile thing to do and expecting them because you have absolutely no idea what the other side looks like. But obviously one must practise forgiveness not for the world, not because you are a good person but for yourself, for your inner peace. While forgiving make sure not to trust them the same because “Cry as much as you want but when you stop make sure not to cry for the same reason again”.

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