Why do people come back

  Why do people come back

                          Why do people come back


“If one thing I have learned from life is that people will stay or leave but the worst they can do is they come back”.

I have seen that no matter what you do, how much you love someone or how much loyalty who show them people will always leave you. Everyone has their own story and their own reason for leaving, some might leave you for someone better while some will leave you when you are no longer beneficial for them and some simply because they want to.

Life is a journey where nothing stays the same and forever is the beautiful lie that each one of us tells our-self.


“The best and worst thing about friendship is that everyone can be replaced”.


While some may leave you better with some beautiful memories to thrive on but some may leave you with scars that can never be healed. I am not saying that its always someone else fault, sometimes the toxic person can be us, even we can be on the wrong side but that’s not the reason to leave someone.

We all are young and stupid, filled with arrogance and immaturity maybe we will never be able to settle some score about whose fault it is. Some mysteries are just like Rachael and Ross’s situation “were they on a break or not”, we might never be able to conclude a valid reason for the same.

Why forgiving is not that easy as it seems


“Inshaan ki fitrat hi kuch aishi hi,

Wo sirf cheezo ki keemat do hi bhaar karta hi,

Ek pane se phele aur dusra khone ke baad”.


Maybe it’s true people only care when it’s too late. The true value of something can only be realized after losing it.

I am not here to judge whether it’s right to leave or not but the true measure of friendship and love can only be done when the situations get rough. People don’t realize when they suddenly leave someone without any closure the person suffers thinking it’s their fault for you leaving them.

People have no idea about how people suffer and cry thinking it’s their fault. The lonely nights and feeling depressed and thinking of all those loved ones who left them, it’s just unbearable. For some, it’s just a part of life but for some, it’s the end of the world.

  “That’s the thing about people leaving, for the world it’s just another cliché but for you, it’s the end of the world”.

“Friendship can cause heartbreaks too”

 All those broken people out there

I have no problem with people leaving me anymore, people leave you all the time but it’s all that matters is that how and when they leave you. It’s perfectly fine with people leaving me, I hope you might have your reasons. Seeing you happy with someone else doesn’t make me depressed or jealous it’s just that you have no right to re-enter my life. Please don’t come back for better. Things always turned out for better and you coming back it’s just like hitting on the head with a brick.

Maybe we all deserve those painful nights or not that might always be a mystery but the thing is that you have no right to come back.

Realising your mistake is fine and I forgive you for the same but I only one question

Do this people deserve a second chance after leaving you?

Will you give second chance to your friend/lover who is willing to come back in your life although all they have caused you is pain and suffering?.

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