Venezuela Protest- What you should know

Venezuela Protest- What you should know


Venezuela Protest- What you should know


With growing injustice of the government officials. It’s time for everyone to come together and protest against these corrupt public servants. Venezuela, officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Is a federal republic located on the northern coast of South America. Venezuela has been hit by the ‘Mother of all Protests’. Yes, you have heard it right, I am talking about the Venezuela Protest.


The roots of protests date back to 2014 when series of protests, political demonstration, and civil insurrection began in Venezuela. Due to the country’s high level of urban violence, inflation etc.

It all started with the homicide of actress and former Miss Venezuela MÓNICA SPEAR. Mass protesting began in earnest that February. Following the attempt of rape of a student on a university campus in San Cristobal. Subsequent arrests and killings of student protesters spurred. As a result of their expansion to neighboring cities and involvement of opposition leaders.

Oil accounts for 95% of Venezuela’s export revenues were used to finance some of the government’s generous social programs. Which according to official figures, provided to more than one million poor Venezuelans with houses.


The lack of oil revenues has forced the government to cut off this social programs. As a result, lack of support among its supporters.


Initially, the majority of protests have been peaceful, consisting of demonstrations, sit-ins, and hunger strikes. Though small groups of protestors have been responsible for attacks on public property. Such as government buildings and public transportation. The protest was mainly performed by middle and upper classes. In addition, the lower class quickly involved, the situation got worse.



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