The Devil’s Story

The Devil’s Story

                                 The Devil’s Story



Every old fashion fairy tale comes with same moral, the triumph of Good against Evil, right against wrong, truth against lies. Even the preaching of every religion is based on the same fundamentals, the victory of right against wrong. In every battle ever fought, it is said that victories are reserved for the Good people like Lord Rama against Ravana, God against Devil.

Joseph Smith: The founder of Mormonism

Satan, Devil, fallen angel, Demon whatever name you prefer but surely you people obviously hate him. Any enemy of our savior and creator God surely don’t deserve any place in our heart. Our heart is filled with agony for the devil that we never even bother to hear his side of the story.

Have you ever wonder what might lead Satan to declare war on God.?

Why the most charming and beautiful angel who also once was God’s favorite become the prince of hell.?




The Devil is real and he isn’t short with horns and tails, he can be beautiful and remember he was God’s favorite”.




Different names of Devil

The most powerful angel surely has a lot of names like:


  • Satan
  • Lucifer
  • Prince of hell
  • Devil
  • Morningstar
  • Serpent
  • Dragon etc


God created Satan as one of the best and most beautiful angels. He created all the angels together. God use to love Satan the most and he was his favorite without the doubt.

Why forgiving is not that easy as it seems


“Things we love the most also hurts us the most”.


Even Satan use to love his father – God more than anything in this world. Things were working all fine until God created his most beautiful creation – Humans.

The god started loving humans more and made every angel love humans and follow them.

Despite blindly following orders from his father, Satan demanded equal rights and equal respect. According to Satan humans didn’t possess something special but still, his fellow angels were supposed to look after humans and follow them.


Dear Santa


It was like every elder child being the envy of his newborn younger child who was getting all the attention. Like us even all Satan wanted was attention and equal love and attention from his father.


Just for asking to love him more and asking for equal rights, God banishes his favorite angel and then what he abandon us of all.

The fallen angel was furious and then crown himself as the prince of hell and then went to declare war on God.

Is it wrong to ask for equal rights?.

remember Lucifer was the first to ask for equal rights and all he got was banishment. 

life is unfair and I think that’s what God always wanted undeniable and unquestionable followers.I personally don’t think Satan was wrong all he did was ask for equal rights.


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