Why Suresh Raina deserves a place in Indian Playing squad?

Why Suresh Raina deserves a place in Indian Playing squad?

Why Suresh Raina deserves a place in Indian

Playing squad?

Suresh Raina is arguably one of the most underrated players of this generation. The Indian Southpaw has played his last international one day on 25 Oct 2015. Raina so far has played 223 ODI matches and scored 5568 runs with batting average 35.46. Here are some of the reasons why I feel Raina deserves a place in the Indian playing squad.

  • Experience

Raina is one of the veteran players who has played 2007 T20 World Cup,2011World Cup and 2015 World Cup. He surely have lots of experience and this factor could really help the young Indian squad

  • The Team Player

    Suresh Raina

Most players in today’s time play for their individual score. The way Raina celebrated for Virat Kohli’s century even before Kohli made his 100 shows what kind of person he is. Raina has always played for the team and made sure he gave his best.

  • Handy Bowler

Raina was a handy bowler. MSD always used to play with 5 bowlers and if he needs 5-6 overs in middle. Raina always used to deliver for his captain.

  • Best fielder

    Suresh Raina

There’s no denying that Raina is the best fielder in Indian cricket team. Time and time he has shown that he is not 2nd Jonty Rhodes but 1st Suresh Raina.

  • Finisher

    Suresh Raina

With Dhoni trying bat in the middle order, no player can step in the shoes of MSD than Raina. His ability to quickly score runs and hitting the ball from the very first ball shows what kind of finisher he can become.

Apart from his cricketing skills, Raina is one of the most humble cricketers. He is currently dealing with his short ball weakness and we all surely hope to see this player in a blue jersey.

Greg Chapell quoted “Raina is the player with golden arms”.

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