Whenever it comes to superpowers, the first thing that hit us is the “FREAKING SUPERHERO’S”. Well! well! Have you ever thought about flying, having magical powers, strength? Having all these things, just by saying ONE WORD! No?? But we have someone who can do this. Yes!!! It is the mighty ‘SHAZAM’, also known as ‘CAPTAIN MARVEL’.

But from where he got his powers? So let’s see his legacy.


It’s Christmas in Philadelphia. The streets are so bright and happy faces everywhere. Everyone here is so excited for new gifts treats and shopping. Kids are eagerly waiting for Santa, everyone seems to be so happy. Except for one kid. Our little hero Billy Batson.

Billy Batson a 15-year-old angry Foster Kid. He doesn’t seem to be happy though. How can he be happy after he got kicked out of four homes he went. He is a stubborn troubled child. He has faced enough things. Still, Billy has a big surprise coming on his way.

Yep!Yep!Yep! Billy finally has found a new home. This is just unbelievable!! Finally, someone is going to look after him, someone really wanted him. Billy is running out of words now, he is excited about his new home, new members. He is Excited and quite nervous about this new family. But, let us see who are there to welcome him.


Mr. and Mrs. Vasquez already have 5 Foster Kids and now Billy is also going to be a part of this family. His new brothers and sisters are equally excited as Billy is. Now it’s time for some introduction. The big brother Pedro, beside him, is Eugene, Mary in the middle, on her right is Freddy and the cute little one Darla. Billy made a quite impression on everyone and now he is a part of the family too.

The Next day, Billy gets to know he is going to school. Just like every other kid school is too boring for him. After school when he gets to know what his new siblings face every time. The Bryer Brothers, they are nothing but rich brats, more bullies.

Our hero hate bullies. So he beat their asses. But, his school teacher Mr. Keegan caught Billy Fighting. Then Billy makes his way towards Principal’s cabin. After a rough argument between Mr. Vasques and Mr. Bryer, Billy walks his way to home. Billy is now in his bedroom, still, he can hear everything between Mr. and Mrs. Vasquez. He’s feeling like lonely again like he doesn’t belong here. So at night, Billy leaves the house, but someone is following him.


This the only memory of his Mom and Daddy Billy have. But where is Billy going? He is heading towards the Zoo, where he will meet his buddy ‘TAWNY’ the Tiger. Freddy is still following him. When they both see each other, Billy tells Freddy to walk away and leave him alone. But Freddy thanks him for running into bullies for him. He also tells him that they come after them every time. After listening to him Billy gets angry on the Bryer’s and Freddy ends up telling him Bryer’s address. At Bryer’s place, Billy teases them by honking their car and then they chase Billy till subway.

The Bryer brothers finally get a chance to punch Billy in his perfect face by knocking him down in the train. But this is nothing compared to the thing that is coming for Billy.


Suddenly there is darkness in the train followed by unusual bolts of lightning. The train is not the modern train anymore. Billy gets confused, he doesn’t know what is happening? Everything on the train is made up of wood now.

The train makes a stop, the doors open, there is fog everywhere. Billy is like “holy crap, what is this place?”. There is a huge frightening castle in front of him. Billy hears a voice.

He then follows that voice, roaming through the castle. Then he suspects an unfamiliar figure, sitting on the throne of rock ‘ The Rock of Eternity’. He is an old man, very old.

He is The Wizard, the one who is searching for the pure one, who is worthy of his mighty powers. The Wizard knows the treat is coming, that Black Adam is finally free. But, this is too much for our little hero to handle, so he argues with the Wizard.

But, Wizard’s time has come he have to hurry. He tells Billy that he is a pure one, he can see that there is some good in him.

The Wizard cast a spell on Billy, giving all his mystical powers to Billy. The time for Wizard is over now.

Now without wasting more time Wizard tell Billy to say that ONE WORD!!!!!

Billy says SHAZAM!!!!!!!!!!!

And this happens….

Our little hero is now turned into The Mighty “SHAZAM”. He now has the powers of six Demigods.

The wisdom of ‘Solomon‘.

The strength of ‘Hercules‘.

The stamina of ‘Atlas‘.

The power of ‘Zeus‘.

The courage of ‘Achilles‘.

The speed of ‘Mercury‘.

The magic now has it’s Champion!!

Tell us if you Comic Nerds like the Tale of Shazam’s origin. Let me know which superhero origin story you guys want to know.

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