Why Mukkabaz is a perfect reflection or our system

Why Mukkabaz is a perfect reflection or our system

Why Mukkabaz is a perfect reflection or our   



System’ – right from the childhood we keep on blaming system from every wrong with our nation.




Why can’t a country of 1.3 billion population produce enough sports players to win a respectable position in Olympic? The major reason for this setback is the facilities and opportunities that are kept deprived of this players. Corruption and procrastination are so intrigued by this system that it’s nearly impossible for an average Indian to take sports as a career option.


Movies and endless articles are made regarding following your passion and to look beyond education. Every other Indian citizen while watching Olympics will blame the system for its failure but the same individual will force his son to take mathematics lesson instead of football.


Even India can produce great footballers like Pele or Ronaldo or great boxers like Mike Tyson but the opportunity before reaching them is killed with greed and corruption, rest is killed with family problems and economic circumstances. Very rare individual has been able to make it big like M.S. Dhoni, Mary kom, Baichung Bhutia etc.


Mukkabaaz ( brawler) is the movie about an Indian boxer who represented India for national and this movie perfectly reflects every wrong with our Indian system.


Whenever maths portion needs extra lecture it’s always the P.T period that is sacrificed. Even our society praises and encourages educational career as the best option rather than a career in sports. An engineer would always be praised more than the state level athlete despite the fact same dedication and hard-work are invested in both. Education is always preferred something as “safe” career or “evergreen” field.

Even in the movie Shravan’s parents would always taunt him and criticised him for his illiteracy and every typical wanna be sports player in India can relate to it.



  • Sports as a way for Job option.


Most of the sports player who wanted to represent India and make their name for own are now working in their 9 to 5 job shift.

Most of the sports player while still pursuing their career in sports opt for job opportunities as a way to minimize the risk of uncertainties in their sports career.

The movie beautifully depicts the mentality of every Indian sports player. Even Shravan opt for a temporary position in a government job.

“Log kya khayenge has killed more dreams than anything else in this world”.


  • Economical condition

Pursuing your career in sports is not only about the talent and hard work but it’s also about the maintaining your physic. The amount of protein and supplements that is to be needed cannot be met by an average Indian family. Economical failure is the main reason why most of the Indian’s don’t continue to pursue their passion.


  • Parental pressure


“We are so busy growing up that we forget that our parents are growing old”


The average age for pursuing Career in sports is around 18 to 35. Not every player’s luck will skyrocket and you need to have a lot of patience while doing so. While doing so we often forget that our parents are growing old and even their medical expenses and their energy to earn decreases so eventually the

The family burden falls on them. The movie Mukkabaaz beautifully describes the daily family struggle Shravan has to go through. He didn’t only have a fight in the boxing ring but also with his family for the daily struggle.


  • Corrupt officials


‘ Bhagvandasji’ is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with our Indian system. The corrupt powerful official whose greed and power makes this sports player to work for them as their personal slaves. The amount of power that has been given to this individual is enough to ruin someone else life. Stringent action should be taken against them and transparency should be applied for the same.

We all are well aware of the fact that all the money, facilities and equipment that are been provided by the government is been kept deprived of the deserving players because of the greed and corrupt officials.


  • Helpless law


Our current Indian law is just as helpless as the movie depicts. Even knowing that ‘Bhagvandas’ is behind the whole scenario still the police were helpless. These people are ready to go to any extent and will bend the system for their personal gain.


     Even the success of movie beautifully represents everything wrong with our system. Despite being screened in the Special Presentations section at the 2017 Toronto International film festival and 2017 Mumbai Film festival and receiving a positive response from the critics the movie failed to be a box office hit.


Vineet Kumar Singh the actor who played Shravan Singh in the movie has been able to pull absolute wonder with his acting. The songs and dialogues in the movies are incredible.


I will request all the readers to please watch this movie in a cinema hall and encourage them to create better movies like this. If you can’t support movies like this then you have no right to blame Indian cinema for rest of their shitty movies. Thank you, I hope you will enjoy this post as much as you will enjoy this movie.                                       

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