Life lessons to learn from Anime

Life lessons to learn from Anime

Life lessons to learn from Anime

Animes are a really good time passer some of them are so well made that they get their very own Hollywood debuts like the recent movie Death Note and Ghost in the Shell. Now you may think of it as just a source of entertainment but these anime can leave a good enough impact on your lives. At the end of the day, you might turn out to be a good person thanks to these. Let’s begin

  1. FriendshipAnime

 Gotta catch em all! Pokemon. Pokemon has taught us many things about friendship. Friends come in all sizes, shapes, and species in this particular series the protagonist Ash and his friendship bond with Pikachu is one to be remembered. We have seen both of them having a rough time many times as team rocket keeps attacking them in order to steal Pikachu but they always blast team rocket away together fighting as a team. On his way to becoming the Pokemon master Ash also makes a lot of friends showing us that friendship is more beautiful when you have a lot of good friends to help your dream come true.



  1. Nothing is Impossible

AnimeNow these anime have a lot of tough villains but no one can beat Monkey.D.Luffy in this world-famous story where Luffy aims for one thing that is to be the king of pirates and to find the one piece now during his amazing journey along the Grand Line Luffy faces a lot of enemies taking them down one after another this pirate teaches us that nothing is impossible if you work hard for it. Same as how Luffy does in the series to reach his goal and protect his crew as their captain.


  1. Fears

Now in the dragon ball series our hero Goku can fight enemies no problem as he likes fighting strong enemies. This was not the same for Gohan as he did not like fighting and he was afraid too because he was not the type to love fighting. Later on, he had to fight enemies far bigger and stronger than him at a very younger age eventually, he gets over his fear and becomes as strong just like his father. In real life too we should never be afraid of anything even bullies because a real man fears nothing as said by Elfman : )


  1. Success has no shortcutAnime

In the ninja, world Hokage is considered the strongest ninja in the village and Naruto aims at becoming one. In order to do so, Naruto works hard to achieve his goal and also learns that there’s no shortcut to becoming the Hokage and finally Naruto becomes the Hokage after a long road of hardships and pain. He also had to fight his best friend Sasuke. “To be Hokage is my dream” these words that’s how he started to follow his dream that was his ninja way. Just like that you can set your ambitions and dreams and make it your ultimate goal to follow them.




  1. No challenge is too big

AnimeIt was more than a decade ago that our beloved Super Saiyan Goku came to our life thanks to Mr.Akira Toriyama. In the series, Goku fights every strongest character in the story at some point proving that no challenge is to tough or big for him when your only goal is to keep moving forward. Now life has a way of putting up challenges out of nowhere, now take Goku or anyone you like as a role model and face your challenges because a man once said


                                   “It is foolish to fear what you have not seen”

You should try to be brave too and face your challenges head-on.

 So what lessons did you learn from anime? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

Peace out.

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