Why Leonardo Dicaprio is Wolf of Hollywood ??

Why Leonardo Dicaprio is Wolf of Hollywood ??

Why Leonardo Dicaprio is Wolf of Hollywood ??


Starting his career from starring in the commercial advertisement to receiving an Oscar in 2016 the man who does not need any introduction at all. Gentleman, I had your curiosity now I need your attention. Here I present you   “The Wolf of Hollywood”  the one and only “Leonardo Dicaprio”.


Here are some of the  Leonardo Dicaprio’s  must-watch movies.




This is the last movie you wanna see with your grandparents. The movie is based on real-life corrupt stockbroker Jordon Belfort. The movie beautifully presents the life of rich brat whose ego was his ultimate downfall. With the best director Martin Scorsese, the movie was a success but even this time Leo could not win the Oscar.




The movie which made the decade of girls to cry and made Leonardo Dicaprio a big star. The movie is based on an epic romance disaster film directed by James Cameron. Song “My heart will go on” which touched millions of people’s heart. It is based on the infamous sinking of “RMS TITANIC”.




    With Batman trilogy, Christopher Nolan is back with another blockbuster and this time it’s with Leo. This movie is surely one of the best psychological thrillers ever made. The movie presents mind-blowing special effect and fu*ks your mind and makes you rethink your reality.



Again, with Martin Scorsese Leonard Dicaprio comes with another epic real-life movie. This movie is based on infamous gangster Boston Mob boss Whitey bugler. The movie has big stars like Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg. Even Brad Pitt couldn’t resist from being part of this movie and end up being one of the producers.




Oh Martin, oh martin here again he is with Leo with another blockbuster. The Shutter island is another psychological thriller to fu*k your mind.The cast of the movie consists of Leonard Dicaprio and Mark Ruffalo as Lead actors.




Leo surely loves to work with the best director and times it’s Steven Spielberg. This movie is another real-life story based on Frank Abagnale. This movie showcases a teenage con artist who pretends to be a pilot, doctor, and lawyer.




Once again Leo partners with Martin Scorsese to make another real-life-based story. This movie is another book adaptation from Hughes: the secret life by Charles Highmen. The movie portrayers the life of Howard  Hughes and his Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). This is surely the greatest performance of Dicaprio.


  • Django Unchained 

The movie presents contempt the life of black slavery If your movie cast’s Samuel Jackson & Leo together with Tarantino then surely the movie is worth watching.


  • What eating Gilbert Grape

This movie which gave the world 2 of the greatest actors of all time i.e Johnny Depp & Leo. Even in young age Leo surely didn’t miss to impress the audience with his acting skills.


  • Blood diamond

The movie presents country torn apart by the struggle between the government loyalists and insurgent forces.Blood Diamond is based on German-Amercian political war. Leo got nominated for Oscar for the best actor.

Finally, the drought of oscar came to an end in 2016 with Leo winning best actor for the movie the Revenant.

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