The Dawn of Hero’s is coming with The Justice League

The Dawn of Hero’s is coming with The Justice League

The Dawn of Heroes is coming with The Justice


Justice League

There were many amazing cartoon shows in our childhood. Those days were awesome and unforgettable. If you guys remember watching Justice League animated series in your childhood, no doubt your childhood was freaking awesome. Now talking about the most mind freaking thing!! guess what?? we are getting a live-action “Justice League movie”!!!

I know you all are so hyped about the new JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE.

So let’s do this(spoilers ahead).

Let’s take an overview of the League.

After the events that happened in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN and the promise of “not failing him in his death”, Bruce and Diana are looking for the “META-HUMANS” to form the Justice League consisting of the FLASH, AQUAMAN, CYBORG to save the humanity from the forces of PARADEMONS who are on the hunt for the MOTHER BOXES on earth.

So let’s UNITE.


justice league

He is not your favorite superhero, he is not your second favorite. After years of jokes its time for one of the lamest superhero to turn into a Badass superhero, where everyone goes whoo!, isn’t he the Khal Drogo from GOT. After GOT, Jason Mamoa is back and this time he will make you fall in love with Aquaman. ARTHUR CURRY the badass Aquaman. Woah! Seriously guys I mean I m so much impressed with this version of Aquaman.  The first moment he refuses to join the league, but then he realizes the threat upon them. Aquaman’s wife MERA is shown in the trailer with fellow Atlanteans behind her. Which means the Atlanteans are also involved in this.


justice league

Guess who it is? Yeh, the star football player with incredible intelligence and the supercomputer on the Earth, Victor Stones aka CYBORG. DC films have already faced the worst with the CGI they used in Green Lantern, but this time with Ray Fisher they are about to give us a very powerful league member. Oh my God he just looks so Awesome. Let me tell you guys the Cyborg is full CGI. His origin story features his transformation into the part human part machine because of the mother box. This Apokoliptic technology allows him to travel anywhere with the help of portals and also modifying his armor.


justice league

Do you see that coming? Well, how could you? because he is the Fastest Man Alive. Yes, I am talking about BARRY ALLEN aka the FLASH, who is very desperate for “Friends”, as he joins the league without any hesitation. Well, critics were complaining about his armor and those Blue lightning. Well, in comics the flash has the armor because he has to move very fast and to face many threats and talking about the color of lightning, well it shows the connection of speedster with speed force. In the case of Barry Allen, his connection with the speed force is so strong that he can move with the speed of light, and the very best thing Flash love to do is “Fucking a Timeline”.


justice league

Ohh! how can we forget this Amazone Warrior who have wielded Thor’s hammer. She the goddess of battle and daughter of Mighty Zeus. Here is WONDER WOMAN for you guys, who ranks up with her league members. She is there for the league and Beating the shit out of the enemy. Finally, DC has decided to give Wonder Woman her stand-alone movie, starring Gal Gadot. The trailer shows the battle where there are Amazonian Warriors, which is the best part of the movie and to see the league, Atlanteans, Amazonians together.


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And now the man who makes me understand why group project sucks and working alone is best. The Worlds Greatest Detective who’s powering is his richness!! He’s the “BATMAN“. It’s Batman killing Parademons with guns, wait, no guns on Batmobile. Batman also has the “FLYING FOX” to carry the whole Justice League and the scene where JIM GORDON showed up as he is talking with Batman that he teamed up with others again. Well, there might be a possibility of Bat-family in the Batman solo movie. Now the rest of the league. Well, the official poster says “UNITE THE SEVEN”. As now we have 5 league members, so now talking about the remaining two.


justice league

First of all,  MAN OF STEEL, SUPERMAN didn’t actually die. But his body enters into a deep coma-like hibernation. That’s all, I don’t want to spoil anything, that how he will be there in the movie for you guys. And now the last member, will it be GREEN LANTERN or will it be SHAZAM. The probability for the last member is to be Green Lantern is more.


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The boy Billy Batson who turns into the most powerful beings in the DC Universe just by saying that magical word “SHAZAM”. The word SHAZAM is used to call upon the powers of 6 Greek Gods and it stands for the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the courage of Achilles, the speed of Mercury. As Dwayne Johnson aka rock is cast as Black Adam there are possibilities to see this small kid with those huge powers in the upcoming movies. Sometimes, just for fun Billy fly up really high as Shazam, turn back into Billy, and skydive for a thousand feet before yelling “Shazam”. At thousand feet we will wet our pants.


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Chosen by the Guardians to have a variety of extraordinary power here is the lantern wielding the Ring of Will Power, Hal Jordan aka GREEN LANTERN. The hero who can do anything with his power of imagination( If you know what I mean). Well, the possibility of the green lantern to appear in the movie is more because of the easter eggs in Batman V Superman, where during the funeral of Superman, there were 5 fighter jets flying above, but one jet made a different call, as Hal Jordan is a pilot. Again when the editor-in-chief of Daily Planet Perry White was reading the news of Cleark Kent’s(Superman) death, there’s a column beside it. At that column, the news was about “seeing a man flying in the sky with strange green lights”. WTF!! It will be dope to see Green Lantern with the League.

Dawn of the Justice League, director Kevin Smith asked DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns to spill something that no one knows yet. Here’s what he said “We have been to the bottom of the oceans, we have been to ancient Greece mythology, we have been to the past and future Flash, into the digital world with Cyborg, we still got to go to space. So the Green Lanterns and the Green Lantern Corps will be coming to join the Justice League universe.”

Well, I have nothing much to say. So, let me know what other cool stuff you guys want to know. Till then peace out!!

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