My imagination well it goes beyond and beyond it has no limit. Its been expanding since the day I was born. Imagination is a gift that everyone has but some people stop using it after years pass by and they start getting aged. Well, basically the body unleashes a kill switch for imagination then its just constant hours of just the same old-same old. Now imagination can do wonders it was how great things were built someone imagined it in their very conscience to bring it to reality. My imagination, on the other hand, is a little different I don’t think about great things I just go to the extreme thinking about something that no would think of.

My imagination world

Now the other day I was travelling by train by train through the suburbs. Thinking of God knows what my brain just started thinking on its own. There was a lady in the gents coach alone in a crowd of 50 and as some nice gentleman had decided to stare the hell at her, he was staring at her constantly and at the same time a cop was behind me having a loaded rifle in his hands and there it was I was back at it again I dived deep into my thoughts, reimagining the scene with me helping the lady as the mr staring prince charming had knocked him out and I would pick up the gun and save her and suddenly someone whispered in my ear “bro are you getting off here” and I would finally wakeup from my deep dive into my imagination world.

Dreams are a part of your imagination

It was basically what someone normal would call day-dreaming well it was imagination for me. It was night I was deep asleep. The stars were shining brightly in the clear sky and I was in another version of my imagination. Before going to bed I had binge watched a lot of episodes from the supernatural series. Well, it had its perks I was fighting some spirit monster from out of this world with a badass shotgun filled with rock salt and some other spirit popped out of nowhere and killed me slicing me to half and there it was again I was out of it again this one was painful.

Your imagination can find its way through just let it be free it can help you become someone awesome. Dreams, thoughts daydreaming all these are a crucial part of it. Don’t stop it don’t follow the herd, do something different. Let the world know who you are with it. Let your imaginations become the driving force in your life like how I did through this post. So what do you imagine? Let me know in the comments below

Thanks for reading.

Peace out.

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