How I see the World

How I see the World

How I see the World

When I was a child I was really happy to be born in this world, excited, full of energy to go around it was the best place to be in playing and enjoying my school vacations. That was some good life back then. Afterwards came the hard part, reality hit me hard I saw the world for what it truly was, I was naïve only saw what was the better part never realized that the story had two sides. No wonder someone said that


The Light has no meaning without the dark


Now that I’m 22 and running wild I started thinking a lot about my life. How it was? why it was to be like this? People hurt each other, animals kill each other. Why would they do something like that from the very beginning there has been a struggle, a struggle for survival. Strongest one survives, the weak dies. Why is it like that? Are our lives suppose to be ending like that just because it has been like this. Cant, we solve this like normal human beings? But then again man has been like this for far too long. Will a change actually occur? With whats happening around the globe I don’t know if that’s possible anymore.

The Deeds of a Human Being

Now my dad works as a cop when your family is into the government job you get to hear a lot of things how people are and how deep would they fall. I don’t even feel safe anymore in my country anyone can do anything like literally if someone wishes to kill his love rival done, killing your family for property done, boyfriend/husband is cheating on you finish him,  creating a chaos in the country for fun, no sweat. Remember the quote from Batman

  Some men just want to watch the world burn

It’s something like that there are more jokers around now and no batmans left to defend the world. At a point who knows we might actually face an apocalypse. Everything just goes poof.

Where is God?

Now I don’t know what to say about God, for me god was my faith in good, a role model, a superhero and the protector of justice. All I see now is injustice why is God not helping us. There are a lot more crimes happening then it use to be. Is there really a God for us or has he abandoned us for all those horrible crimes we have done throughout the years? Now, this was what I had in mind when I started thinking about today’s world.

Feel free to comment your answers to any of the questions above. What do you think about the world will it be a better place or not? I will see you in the next one peace out.

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