Escape from reality

Escape from reality

Escape from reality


“is this the real life?                                                                     Reality
Is this just fantasy?
~Bohemian Rhapsody (QUEEN)


Those lines in the legendary song by the band ‘QUEEN’, yet they are so much relating to our lives. We know that the world is not just the same as it was 50 years ago. Revolution happened, the time has changed now. Our vision towards everything has changed and so does we all have changed in grody ways.


Most of us have our strings pulled by someone else. Our lives are strangled in those undetectable strings. The most tragic thing is that we never realised the value of the world around us, people around us. Indeed we have built a virtual world. A world full of fake things. Where we don’t have control over ourselves.


We sit with our family for a get together in the same room, but with a physical presence. In reality, we all are the slaves of elements of the virtual world. We don’t feel connected together,  but we need selfies, photos that made us look connected. We don’t really feel the moments, instead, we use those intoxicants to feel Realityand enjoy.


The social media that began with the motto of bringing people together is now the suicidal pit. Yet we explore this pit endlessly. We lurk over others lives and compare their’s with our lives and we go down in the dumps.


Life is now being just like a random post, to fantasise over the likes of others. You keep it on your timeline or you just delete it. After all, it’s your choice whether you want to poke someone or you want to hug someone. I guess we will prefer which will make us feel real…


I miss the old me,
the one I always wanted to be.
Sailing blindly in the virtual sea,
What I have are holograms of reality…



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