Dear Society

Dear Society

Dear Society,

I am an Engineer, yes I know you all are judging me because that’s what you all do the best. Everyone says dream big, follow your intuition and what not but as today I am 21 year old and still couldn’t take my own life decisions.

Yes I am good with studies in fact it would have been much preferable. After clearing my S.S.C with flying colours I was told to take science because that’s what people with good marks do. No one even bother to ask me what I wanted, what I wanted to do with my career. Follow your passion, hobby is the trend nowadays running in our society where I see young lads carrying cameras, guitars. But deep down we all know we are not at all doing what we want to do.

I never wanted to become an engineer, I always wanted to become a sailor, sail to the unknown regions of the world and discover how the other half of the world life. Just like me there are thousands of teenagers doing what they never wanted to do but then society says that there is something wrong with our generation. In the era where we are planning for space tourism, where distance is just an unit we still could not have the choice to make our own life decisions. Yes we are immature, we have no knowledge about ugly this world could get but following the life choices of other will do no good.Society

I wanted to ask who are those 4 people my parents keep saying to be aware of them. I mean where were they when my heart was broken or when my best friend ditched his girlfriend or when I couldn’t cope up with my syllabus but when I wanted to do something for myself I should keep in mind about those 4 people.

log kya khayenge(what will the people say) has killed more people than anything else in this world “

         Raghu Ram Rajan, Chetan Bhagat, Anil Kumble and more are best examples who wanted to do something else with their life but ended up doing engineering but luckily they found their way out.

If you want to do something with your life do it after engineering “

This quote perfectly defines the life story of all those people pursing engineering. Who took engineering because of parental pressure or because the society has told them to do.

I request you, not to implement your life decisions on other and if you can’t do any good please stop judging others. We teenagers are perfectly capable of taking our own life decisions and I hope you won’t any other life.

Thanking you for killing my and millions of other dreams.

Yours sincerely;

The one with dreams

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