I look for you, Dad

I look for you, Dad

 I look for you, Dad

” Hey, dad… It’s been a long time since we had our last date, don’t you think? You should take me for another now. I have got so much to tell you… You know that I stood first in this terminal exam. Everyone praised me. Mom got me a new dress. I waited for you so that I can wear that dress… because I know I am my daddy’s princess and no matter what, I will always be. So now that you are here, I am wearing it. Let’s go out for a coffee, dad, I have missed it for a long time. Where were you? I missed that cheerful smile of yours which keeps my spirit enlightened when I have to go through my broken times. I still summon those walks in my mind where I used to hold your hand tight while the rimy breeze gusted. You have always been my saviour, dad. I am glad you are back and I am not letting you go anywhere this time.”


  Every night that ended with a lullaby
And a good night kiss of thy
You have been my rose
I have been the butterfly.

The walk from the cradle
Travelling on your shoulder
Holding ur hand
And leaving footsteps behind on the sand.

Every cloud has a silver lining,
Dad, u have been my first love
And my love towards u will always be inclining
For you, it will always be shining♥

“Who’s there? Whom are you talking to dear?” her widowed mother asked.

A divine windblown suddenly through the window, the girl kept staring at her rose plant gifted by her father, and she said: ” Although the truth holds same for me, I cannot help myself but to think the person I crave for is gone…”

Her father’s love always blossomed through the rose plant and she always grew like it did…

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