Chester Bennington The Shining Star of Linkin Park

Chester Bennington The Shining Star of Linkin Park

Chester Bennington

The Shining Star of Linkin Park

Chester Bennington

I was born in Phoenix on March 20, 1976. It was a big city with many people in these many people lived me and my mom and dad. Mom used to work at the local hospital as a nurse. Dad was a cop, detective to be precise worked on child abuse cases all the time. My childhood was not that great. A lot of things happened that I didn’t want but there were good times too.

One of those good things was my love for bands citing them, the Stone Temple Pilots and Depeche were my very first inspirations that helped me boost my love for music. It was that very moment I decided to work hard to become a member of the Stone Temple Pilots. Life has a pattern, a pattern that follows everyone you can’t expect everything to go sweet. That time was on the go for me, I was seven when it happened I was being hurt that was what I knew at that very moment it was horrible. I was afraid, couldn’t say a word about these to my parents or anyone else in particular. Should have told everyone but I was too afraid it was like fear had placed a lock on my mouth to which I didn’t have the key for the time being.

The Fighting Spirit

I was being hurt I felt like killing people, I was getting uneasy, restless, felt a sense of anger on me, use to run away from my house trying to calm myself. I started writing poetries, songs sometimes drew pictures to ease myself, it helped me it was my cure for the disease that was forced into me. Time passed by and the disease was spreading deep inside me, in between all of this things between mom and dad were not going well they had decided to go their separate ways eventually I had to stay with one of them I didn’t get the option of with who? Dad got my custody I was staying with dad and the demon had found me in a new form of drugs and alcohol.

I was going crazy with everything going bad I needed an out a way to suppress all of my thoughts give my brain a rest. When I was 13 I finally decided to tell dad everything that’s been happening to me since when I was small. He felt sorrow and rage he helped me win my part of the justice, a case was filed against that certain someone. Later on, when I realized that he was a victim too like me I decided to leave my plate of justice and moved on. I decided to move to my mother’s place, like every mother who keeps an eye on her child she did that too, what she found out was not really good my medium of ease was discovered by her, she decided to keep me grounded till I gained a little conscious from the nightmare I stepped in.

My First achievement

High school was not bad there were rough times too, people were bullying me for looking different and would throw me around like a rag doll. Just like some other time, I would find my way out of any situation, then finally my passion had found its way in the form of Sean Dowell and friends the band in which I was the lead vocalist. We released a three-track cassette in the late 1993s it was our first official. Like any other person. God had lifted the shadow off my soul and had turned me into a bright star in the darkness. My bad time was gone. I had overcome my addictions I was back to being myself again. Later on Sean Dowell and me, later on, formed the band Grey Daze it was a good band.

I had my fair share of good times with them. We published three albums Demo in 1993, Wake me up in and no Sun today in 1997. My time with them was over the very next year I was aiming at the big picture. I had to wait a lot until I got a call from Jeff Blue vice president of A&R at Zomba Music in LA regarding an audition for the future members of a band called Xero. My mind was all set I had to quit my job at the digital services firm. And I decided to take my family to California. Can’t forget that day it was my birthday and I had a few friends with me. Mike Shinoda and others we had to record an audition for the band in a single day.

Chester Bennington

The lead vocalist of Linkin Park

I celebrated my birthday with them it was good, the feeling was warm with all these good people around me. Mike and I worked together for quite some time, still. I had to face rejection a lot of them until Jeff intervened again. He was the VP of A&R at Warner Bros. at that time he decided to give me that one chance I needed to shine again.Mike and I started working together again writing the lyrics of Hybrid Theory which became a reality and my debut album in October 2000. Our band was called Linkin Park which we wanted to name Lincoln Park but we couldn’t really afford that. The world was loving our music fan letters, radio, news newspapers I was everywhere. I was given the role of the lead vocalist in the band. Which I started sharing with Mike in the coming years.

Chester Bennington

An inspiration

We worked well together with my emotional and his hip-hop style we were doing good with our albums becoming a success. With the growing work my health was not really helping me I had to go through a few surgeries on my way. I still remember the times when I was performing stunts during our tours for Linkin Park around the world. The injuries were painful but not painful enough to stop me from singing for my fans who were one of the best things in my life the people I was influencing to do the better good. I still remember that one time during the Tucson shooting tragedy those words

“There’s a non-violent way to express yourself and get your point across regardless of what you’re saying or what your point is. In a free society, people have a right to believe whatever they want to believe. That’s their business and they can speak their mind but nobody, even in a free society, has the right to take another person’s life. Ever. That’s something that we really need to move beyond.”

was just what the people needed at that very moment.

Chester Bennington

A family man

My family life had its fair share of ups and downs the very first woman that was in my life was Elka Brand my relationship with her resulted in my elder son Jaime(May 12, 1996) but I did not marry her I was a dad and a soon to be a married man. I married Samantha the same year then Draven joined our sweet family. Things didn’t work-out the way I thought they would I had a divorce with Samantha in 2005. The very next year I adopted Elka’s other son Isaiah. The same year I married Talinda I was happy again and then Tyler joined our family and in 2011 I was blessed with my two other children Lily and Lila. Life was good I was a father of six children, married to a wonderful woman and a successful singer/songwriter.

My time with Linkin Park was good I had decided to do some side projects too and one of those was Dead by Sunrise it was Club Tatto’s 13th anniversary we performed a live debut on that very day in the year 2009 the album Out of Ashes was released worldwide my side project was a hit it was like Christmas was early for me. My childhood dream was finally coming true I got my chance to join the Stone Temple Pilots in 2013 it was the time when their lead singer Scott Weiland parted ways with them I was appointed to be the lead vocalist, my first single Out of Time was released worldwide.

Chester Bennington

The Childhood Dream

When I got the call for joining them there were no second thoughts about it. But I had made my commitments to Linkin Park which I need to go with. I parted ways with my childhood dream band my dream was fulfilled at last. Then came that time the one that took its toll on me. A close friend of mine Chris Cornell had left this world. He committed suicide one of my people without whom I cannot imagine the world as it was. Being the godfather of his son seeing the kid I could realise how he might have felt. Considering the state in which I was, during his funeral I sang the song Hallelujah for Chris. It was my one last goodbye to him. Nothing was going to change that Chris was gone. A blanket of sorrow had covered me to which I didn’t want to let go.

Chester Bennington

The new chapter

The world was moving on one person’s death didn’t matter to anyone but it did to me. I had taken a decision to which there was no backing off. A life was going to end my life it was Chris’s birthday. I hanged myself at my house in California. I watched the lights fade away as the rope took away my life. God had welcomed me to his paradise. A new chapter was about to start.

Chester Bennington was an accomplished, talented and brave soul. This is to all of those who are going through depression and mental illnesses. If you are suffering from the same situation. Remember the message he passed to you to fight these demons within us. Support his wife Talinda as she carries the torch passed on to her by Chester Bennington to fight depression. Use the hashtag #fuckdepression on twitter and make Chester proud.

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