Black Panther Trailer : Who are they?



I know! I know! Marvel has released the action-packed ‘Black Panther Trailer’ and it is so lit it’s burning up the charts. He doesn’t need any kind of introduction here. We all have seen him in the ‘Captain America: Civil War’. He literally busted everyone’s ass. So, finally, he is getting his stand alone movie. Now we all have seen the trailer and I know you all have many questions. The movie also features new characters. Now let’s jump to the Characters.


Black Panther Trailer

We have seen him in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. He is African arms dealer. Klaw was branded a thief when he successfully stole a large amount of Vibranium from Wakanda. Man!! He literally stole the treasure from Black Panther’s fists. In this movie, he is again going to do the same but, due to some other reason or maybe for revenge.


Black Panther Trailer- Everett ross

We all know him very well, CIA Agent Everett Ross. Who was in Civil War, he doesn’t have a much bigger role there. But, in this movie, there are lots of things to him. As he will assist T’challa( Black Panther) in many risky situations.


Black Panther Trailer - Zuri

Zuri, he is the Spiritual Elder in the Kingdom. In his young age, he fought for Wakanda. Do you know what that means, eh? He fought alongside T’chaka Black Panther, he was a good friend of T’chaka. In this movie, Zuri is played by Forest Whitaker.


Black Panther Trailer - Shuri

Shuri, she’s Princess of Wakanda and T’challa’s sister. She is like a tech guru for T’challa, building his armor and other cool tech stuff from Vibranium. You can see her wearing those Panther Gauntlets, which may blast some kind of energy rays. Let me tell you, You don’t want to mess with her, she is so well trained and in comics, it is shown that she also took the mantle of Black Panther. Damn strong!!


Black Panther Trailer - Okoye

Okoye, standing beside T’challa in the trailer and she also appeared in Civil War. Well, Okoye is one of the members of Dora Milaje. She’s a female royal guard of Wakanda’s King and a peacekeeper of Wakanda. She acts as a proper concomitant to the King. I am sure she is going to Brought some legit action in the movie.


Black Panther Trailer - Erik Killmonger

Erik Killmonger’s real name is ‘N’jadaka’. He was born in Wakanda but, he doesn’t have same faith for his country. He is an expert martial artist and has genius level intellect. In this movie, he will be helping Klaw for stealing Vibranium. He is trying to take over Wakanda and he will be there to claim the mantle of Black Panther.


Black Panther Trailer - M'BAKU

Here is M’BAKU, a major Black Panther villain, and a contestant for the mantle of Black Panther. He is the ruler of Mountain Tribe. This dude has superhuman powers, but what he did to have them is very disgusting!! He gained his powers by eating the flesh of White Ape and bathing in his blood. Damn!!!


Black Panther Trailer - Nakia

Nakia is one of the members of Dora Milaje. She’s a love interest for T’challa, but things went wrong. Erik Killmonger brainwashed her and give her new powers, turns her against T’challa. It will be dope to see if this happen in the movie.


Black Panther Trailer - Black Panther T'challa

Now the last but not the least, ‘Black Panther’. The king has arrived, say HAIL TO THE KING!!! The badass of the Marvel Universe and the right man to save his country. He is a trained scientist as well as a skilled combatant and a superhuman. But, what makes him superhuman is the heart-shaped herb, which has minerals in it. This is because the Vibranium that is in the soil. In the trailer, we have seen the two different Black Panther suits. Maybe they represent the different versions of Black Panther, the Father, and the Son. Man!! This movie is going to be so lit..

So these are the characters from the trailer we now know so far. Now talking about the storyline.


The storyline follows the return of T’challa to Wakanda after the events of Civil War. But he soon finds that his country is in danger by the threats of his own countrymen. When two enemies Klaw and Killmonger team up to break the kingdom apart. T’challa team up as Black Panther with C.I.A. Agent Ross and members of Dora Milage to prevent World War.

Finally, you can say that Hollywood is not Racist! So Guys, let me know what you think about the Black Panther Trailer. We will be back with more breakdowns and new origin stories. Till then Enjoy and peace out!!




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