Betrayal- the ladder of chaos

Betrayal- the ladder of chaos

Betrayal is like a disease, betray a friend and you will find you have ruined yourself.

I didn’t lose a friend,  I just realized I never had one. In my life, you have been the sunshine. I could still remember the stupid things we used to say. Drinking brandy and singing songs. What they all mean anyway? You hurt me in every possible way with that look of innocence you have. You were more than a friend to me, you were my brother. Now you are nothing more than a worthless person. I trusted you! I cared for you, prayed for your smile. Now your presence makes me feel sick.

 I gave you my trust. I did all those things, for you!! When your life was low I was there. Always running towards your problems, to help you. Do you even care? People asked me things that drained me, I thought I have you behind my back. And what you did?  You stabbed me, you ruined my life.
Tell me. , Who offered you a blanket when you were cold? When you got hurt, who took care of you? When your life was hell, who was your angel? Who stood by your side when you were alone? It was me and me! Now I believe that betrayal never comes from an enemy. You betrayal me brother!

Sometimes it’s not people who change, it’s the mask that falls off.

Everything is worthless now… My wife! You raped her! You killed her! This is how you repay me. You slashed me with betrayal. But now I will settle all the debts with my vengeance. You are dead to me. I will rip your throat out. Die you bastard, die…

The curtains were closed. There was dead silence in the room full of people. Slowly the applaud began with smiles everywhere. Everyone praised the drama with standing ovation.

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