babysitter- the caretaker who loves her job

babysitter- the caretaker who loves her job

Dan was sitting on the chair beside his work table. He was holding a bottle in his left hand and an injection in his right hand. There was a storm of thoughts going furiously in on his mind. His breathing was slow and heavy. It was like Dan forgot who he is? What is he doing? What is going on? A drop of sweat swiftly fell on his hand sliding through his forehead. Dan suddenly remembered what he has to do. He looked down at the bottle and injection. His hands were shaking, but still, he managed to fill the injection.

His eyes gazed at something lying on the bed. With hesitated voice, Dan said, “I am sorry… I see you just woke up, I meant to give you less tranquilizer.” Dan stood up as he continues, “I have been watching you for a while. I like the way you move. It is very quiet and erotic. You seem to be like that kind of person who knows how to play in any situation. That’s phenomenal actually. It’s a lost art.”

Dan was walking around the bed, like a predator circling his dead prey. There was a creepy smile on his face. Dan further said, “You know what’s there tomorrow? Well, who else knows it much as you do? It’s your birthday. But unfortunate for you, you are not going to be around to celebrate.”


All of a sudden Dan came close towards the bed. The look in his eyes was terrifying. Dan added, “See, you are going to die tonight, believe me. I know many people that care about you and many of them are going to mourn over you. I know these things, I have hugged many mothers and fathers of the sons and daughters that I killed. How people react, damn it!”

“Guilt is perhaps the most painful companion of death. – Coco Chane”

He moved away, exhaled in frustration and said, “I know you are a babysitter. Mr. and Mrs. Decker hired you to babysit Mike. I know all about you. You are responsible for the disappearance of many children last year. I don’t know what you did to them and their bodies. Also, how you manage to escape from one place to another unnoticed. But finally, I have found you. Now, I am going to make you and your body disappeared in a tub full of acid. After, I sever each of your organs. Watching you melt slowly and steadily, of course, you filthy babysitter…” Dan grinned like a psychopath.

Dan took a deep breath and wiped the sweat from his forehead. Then he picked up the camera on the bed. Dan then shouted with excitement, “Yes!!! Now I will send this tap to him. Please God, hope he will love my performance.” Dan left his room while thinking about his acting carrier.


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