Attack on Titan Season 2 Ep 12 Spoilers

Attack on Titan Season 2 Ep 12 Spoilers

Attack on Titan Season 2 has been really doing a fantastic job. As the series is depicting that it would not hold back until they make it as the top anime. With a variety of episodes revealing new titans like the Dancing and Beast Titan. Revelations about the colossal, dancing and Armoured Titans identities. Plus the fact that Christa was actually from the royal family. Then there was the fact that the Beast Titan was controlling the other Titans. Welcome to today we are going to talk about the last episode of Season 2  Ep 12 of Attack on Titan.

Major Spoilers Ahead

Season 2 Ep 12

Before we begin let’s look back at what happened in the last episode. Eren is still held captive by Reiner and Bertholdt. As they all head towards an oncoming Titan swarm with Mikasa and the others on Reiners body. Armin somehow manages to enrage Bertholdt as he breaks out of Reiners hand in anger. Then commander Erwin strikes Bertholdt freeing Eren getting a hold of him Mikasa and the others start running away. Reiner seeing this starts throwing the very titans at Eren stopping him from moving. As Eren and Mikasa fall off their horse. They see the very titan that ate Eren’s mother heading towards them.

Attack on Titan S2 Episode 12 Spoilers


The episode starts as Eren is shown getting yelled at by his mother for picking up a fight. As usual, Mikasa saved him. Eren’s mother tells him to protect Mikasa for a change and not to pick up fights. As the memory of his mother getting eaten by the Titan flashbacks. He is seen grounded as Mikasa stands up to protect him again. Just as the Titan makes his move Mr Hannes barges in and slices the Titans fingers. As he tells them both that the opportunity to avenge Erens mothers death has arrived. He then proceeds to attack the Titan himself. Seeing all this Eren asks Mikasa to untie him as he should be the one to do this. Armin, Jean and the others move towards Eren to help him. At the same time, Reiner keeps throwing Titans at them to stop them all.

Season 2 Ep 12

 Hannes Dies

Meanwhile, Ymir saves commander Erwin from a Titan heading towards him. Confused on what to do further as to join the scouts or Reiner and Bertholdt. Christa asks her if she was protecting her again? And tells her to live for ourselves. With Connie backing them they attack the threat approaching them. Commander Erwin who was severely injured stays still on the ground due to his injuries. Jean and Armin are seen heading towards Eren are stopped as Jean gets injured by the Titan threw by Reiner. Eren on the other hand witnesses Hannes death by the same Titan that destroyed his world.

Season 2 Ep 12

That Titan

Eren starts blaming himself for all that was happening. Mikasa replies to Eren thanking him for teaching her how to live. For wrapping the scarf around her. Along with them, the others were sooner going to die at the hands of the Titans. Listening to Mikasa Eren moves forward to protect Mikasa from the Titan. At that very moment, when Eren punches the titan’s hand away something happens. As all the Titans start eating the titan that was attacking them both. Ymir realises that why Reiner was so desperate to get his hands on Eren. Reiner seeing this realised that Eren was the one with the coordinate ability.

Season 2 Ep 12

 With Reiner approaching Eren and Mikasa Eren again uses his ability making the other Titans attack Reiner. Everyone looking at the opportunity starts running away from that hell. Ymir says sorry to Christa and provides help to Reiner and Bertholdt. The three of them escape to the top of Wall Maria in Shinganshina District. Asking Ymir as to why she aided them. Ymir simply thanks them for freeing her from her nightmare to roam as a Titan. As what she simply did was repaying their debt. Reiner gives her a chance to run away but she refuses as she was tired of running away.

Season 2 Ep 12

This is it guys the final episode of the Season 2 Ep 12  for this epic anime. I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys in the next one.

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