The Titans are back with Attack on Titan

The Titans are back with Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

 Hey there Anime fans welcome to this special post dedicated to all Attack on Titan fans so let’s do this

Attack on Titan (Season 1)

Attack on TitanAnother attack by the colossal titan

Atack on TitanFilled with anger and rage also Eren charges to attack the titan that ate Thomas

Attack on TitanWith his titan powers Eren carries the giant boulder to seal the breach in the gate

Attack on TitanEren fights the female titan for the very first time

Attack on TitanLevi prepares to attack the female titan

Attack on TitanEren and the female titan come face to face for the final showdown

Attack on TitanEren crushes the female titan’s head

Attack on TitanIn his titan form Eren prepares to fight the rival titan

The first phase

In the previous season of Attack on Titan, humanity is brought to the brink of extinction by giant humanoid creatures known as titans who eat humans for no reason known, the story revolves around Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. Humans have been forced to live behind huge walls that peace is also taken away when a giant colossal titan attacks wall rose and creates a hole in the wall through which the other titans enter and one of them eats Eren’s mother, he then vows to kill them all.

The hero rises

Five years later Eren, Mikasa and Armin join the military to fight the titans but Eren is eaten by a titan saving Armin’s life, later a titan is seen killing off the other titans who is later found out to be Eren who finds out about his ability to transform into titan and uses it to seal a breach in the wall near the Trost district.After being put to trial Eren is taken in by the survey corps, during an expedition outside the walls the scouts are attacked by the female titan who devastates Levi’s  squad,  later the female titan is identified by Armin as Annie Leonhart who is shown captured at the end of the season.

Now let’s move on to the main course shall we season 2 for attack on titan was released later on 1st April 2017 after a long wait for four long years the fans for the highly praised series by Hajime Isayama got to see the first two episodes of the season 2

Spoilers Ahead!

Attack on Titan

Season 2

Attack on Titan

The trailer itself was the definition of what was going to be served to the fans as this new season makes it debut, two episodes have already been released for this new season with each episode scheduled to release on every Saturday with a total of 12 episodes only due to some financial issues, while these are English subbed episodes the dubbed episodes are going to come out from April 22, 2017.

Beast Titan

Attack on TitanThe Beast titan captures Mike’s horse

In episode 26 we see that Annie encased in the crystal shell is been taken into custody by Hange and her team, after a few minutes they discover the titan trapped inside the wall and Pastor Nick of the Wall Cult tells them to cover the titan from sunlight. After the titan was covered with sheets Hange asks him about why there was a titan inside the wall to which he keeps his mouth shut even after Hange threatening to kill him. Meanwhile, Erwin is informed that Wall Rose has been breached.

Mikes sad demise

Attack on Titan

Just right after that Mike Zacharius the weird guy from season 1 who can sniff titans, informs that wall rose has been breached spotting titans coming from the southside to an outpost where members of the 104th trainee squad are stationed as soon as they are informed about the titans approaching they leave the outpost with Mike and other members on horseback. When they see that the titans are coming for them Mike decides to stay back and fight off the titans while others make a break for it.

Beast Titan appears

After buying enough time Mike prepares to escape the scene when he is captured by the Beast titan who can speak who then takes away Mikes gear and leaves him to be devoured by the other titans. Back at Stohess Eren and Mikasa are alerted about the breach by Armin.

I m Home

Attack on TitanPastor Nick is taken along with Levi and Hange to gain knowledge from him about the titans in the walls

In the second episode of the season. We see Sasha returning to her village only to find a woman being eaten alive by a titan and her daughter beside her in shock. Watching her being eaten alive. Then Sasha and the girl run away soon after which the titan starts following them urging the girl to go forward Sasha fights the titan and successfully blinds it. A group of villagers along with her father returns to pick her up.

Ep 2

The survey corps are also seen departing from Stohess to deal with the titan who had breached wall rose, Hange takes Nick with her in order to gain more knowledge from him. Meanwhile, Connie arrives at his village only to see it already been destroyed by titans. After discovering his house he finds a titan trapped inside his house who was unable to move, while the others wondered how it got there as it was not capable of moving with his limbs.

Attack on TitanSasha fighting the titan to protect the girl

Attack on Titan

Attack on TitanConnie and the others discover the titan trapped in his house

The other titans are killed by the new titan. Is the beast a friend or a foe? we will see that in the coming episodes. Most of all we also saw Eren bashing it out with the Armoured titan only to get beat up.

Predictions and spoiler

Probably, we will get to know the identities of the other titans showcased in the trailer. And now finally for the spoiler to be revealed as a fellow fan it is my duty to do this. So here goes in the upcoming episode you will likely see the newest addition to the titan shifters. That’s all I would like to spoil for you. Furthermore as a bonus here’s a list of all the titans in the series showcased till now.

Eren’s Titan (Eren)

Attack on Titan

Female Titan(Annie)

Attack on Titan

Colossal Titan (Identity Unknown)

Attack on Titan

Armoured Titan (Identity Unknown)

Attack on Titan

Beast Titan (Identity Unknown)

Attack on Titan

The New Titan Shifter

Attack on Titan

That’s all Folks!

 I will see you guys in the next one Peace Out.


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