Shingeki no Kyogin season 2 spoilers

Shingeki no Kyogin season 2 spoilers

Shingeki no Kyogin Season 2 spoilers

Attack on titan season 2

Season 2 of the famous anime is back with a bang. With every episode of the anime, the excitement keeps increasing among the fans as new Titan shifters have emerged out of the hiding. There are a lot of developments to the story from the time of the first episode. Welcome everyone to this dedicated spoiler version of the anime where we tell you the story of the remaining episodes of the season two.

Spoilers Ahead

You have been warned

Now let’s start with the latest episode where it was found that Ymir and Eren both are alive and taken captive by Reiner and Berthold after being defeated by their respective titan transformation. After waking up Eren tries to get some info from Ymir who would not say a word to help out Eren. On the other hand, Mikasa and the others are unconscious and have suffered a great deal of damage due to colossal titans steam. After waking up the scout regiment gets some help after Erwin and the other members join Mikasa team and they all set out to find Eren and Ymir.

Attack on titan season 2

Episode 10

Now let’s get to the part that this post is about well if you have read the manga there are a lot of things the people watching only the anime don’t know a lot of revelations and fights are still to come. Now episode 10 named ‘children’ is actually the part where Reiner and Berthold take Ymir and Eren as the scouts were approaching closer. Ymir whose past has been a blur tells Reiner that protecting Historia is the goal that they both share. Listening to that he agrees. Berthold who prefers to actually stay quiet asked Ymir if she remembers anything about eating their friend Marcel to which she replies that she does not recall something like that.

After setting out to escape from the scouts Ymir encounters Historia(Christa) after seeing her in Titan territory she overpowers Berthold and transforms into a titan. The other members find her and keep questioning her to which she keeps ignoring them. After finally when Christa came Ymir eats her and runs away with her. Reiner Transforms into his respective Titan. Eren who is carried by Berthold still remains unconscious. Ymir also gets on to Armour Titans back and they start to make a run for it.

Episode 11

 Now let’s start with the remaining two episodes Reiner and the others are spotted by the scouts outside the forest Erwin orders everyone to follow the Armour Titan. Ymir who was keeping Christa inside her mouth spits her out after having a look at the situation Christa decides to follow Ymir even if she was helping Reiner and Berthold. Mikasa who has been following them strikes Ymir and threatens to kill her to which Christa stops her. The others also get on the Armour titan And start asking Reiner for his reason for betraying them. Connie is still in a dream that Reiner and Berthold cannot betray them. After looking whats in front of them Hannes warns Mikasa and the others to get off of the Armour Titan. As a swarm of Titans was also approaching from the front.

Attack on titan season 2

Episode 12

Now the final episode is the cherry on the cake. Eren wakes up finally and starts blaming himself for all this as the Armour Titan approaches the swarm of Titans. The Titans start attacking the others on his back. Armin then somehow manages to make Berthold angry. Erwin strikes Berthold and frees Eren. Getting back Eren and Christa the scout regiment starts running away from the Armoured Titan. While running away the Armour Titan starts throwing Titans at Eren And the others. Eren and Mikasa fall off the horseback what they saw was shocking. The Titan approaching was the one that devoured Eren’s mother. Well, the episodes can go like these if they keep following the manga that is.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading I will see you guys in the next one peace out

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