All things you must know about creating Amazing Games !!

All things you must know about creating Amazing Games !!

All things you must know about creating Amazing

Games !!

We all enjoyed Playing top notch games like assassin’s creed, batman Arkham knight,..on our gaming console and nowadays on our Mobiles phones  Haven’t you all dream of making such games and let accept it “Showing off our creation is the thing that everyone does !”.. So why not turn our dream into reality.So here we are to guide you down the path that every game developers must have taken at some point.Here we will describe step by step guide for becoming a game developer and every skill that you will be requiring … So let get started, shall we ??

1.Programming language …

This is 21- Century.Unlike the Old time when the developer, where forced to, use programming language, not of their choice .. “C programming language” which is not beginner friendly. Thank God, language .nowadays there are plenty of programming language which will make your life easier as a developer.So if you do not come across any programming language.We Recommend you “C sharp” to learn as the programming language which we will tell you will why.and In our Computer science world if you learn any one programming language, learning another programming language will be a lot easier for you.So here is a list of a programming language that you must know at least one language.

1.C sharp





Note :- The list ranking is according the community support for game developers

2.Game Engine

So here is the main trick or secret that game developer will not share with you.In past when computer graphics was evolving game development was quite difficult ..I mean those who have programmed a game like Mario, Zelda ..was really great programmers.I now game development has been eased by developers for developers. And here I present “THE GAME ENGINE “.

So at first what is the game engine ??, you might ask and the answer is fairly simple that it’s the software which help developer for making a game and in game development there are many complicated components which developer has to take care of ,but thanks to game engine which takes care of that part for you.

So there are many Game engine in the market for which free for personal use .. but there are some free as well as paid Software

1. Unity

Unity is the game engine which is preferred by Many game developer because it’s easy to use and there is a lot bigger community to help you whenever required .. Hence make making it the most popular game Engine Which has proudly made Game like  Ghost of a Tale, Verdun..Previous I have told you to start learning C sharp as a programming language is due to the reason that Unity use c sharp as a programming language.


Unreal Engine is the another Game engine which is Used by many big Company like Rocksteady Studios …This game engine proudly serves many great games like Batman: Arkham City,


Crytek is the Game engine which is also quite not as popular that unity or unreal engine but having said this game engine has also provided so many promise games like far cry series …


This Game engine is JAVA based not that easy as above mention Game engine.This game engine is used by Advance “JAVA” developer.


This is similar game engine  as mention above but Language is “c sharp”

3.Animation Software / 3D models

In Game development, the next phase which comes is 3d modeling of the Game character.This is the also an important part of game development where 3d artist creates quality content like Character Design ,Level design.There many such thing you will come across while making games and this not over yet! ..

Here is the list of Animation Software That You May requried ..



3.3ds MAX

4.Money Income

This is the most interesting part of Game development. Most of the people who are reading this post might have this question in mind. “How much Money Does Game developer Makes  ???”

The Simple Answer to that question it depends on the game popularity. I consider so amazing game created by “ONE PERSON”

like “Minecraft” developer Markus Alexej Persson also known as Notch have sold his game Minecraft for $2.5 billion dollars.

If you want to Successful like Then you should start your Learning Process Now !!


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